• FAQ: What are the precautions to prevent latch-up on the AD8375?


    What are the precautions to prevent latch-up on the AD8375?



    The outputs of the AD8376 are open collectors that need to be pulled up to the positive…

  • RE: Questions regarding AD8351: Is there a spice model?


    On the ADC side, you can potentially use a dual ADC to save on space and component count instead of using the AD9246 which is only a single.  You can look at the AD9258 or the AD9268 which is the 16-bit version.  Concerning the ADC driver, is there…

  • AD9265 cmos clock driver

    How can i interface AD9265 with CMOS single ended clock driver without using transformer ?

    do i need a clock driver ? actually i am driving my clock from FPGA cyclone V.

    Do you have any design file which interface this adc to cyclone V ?

    What differential…

  • FAQ: Operation of AD8375 and AD8376 Digitally Controlled VGAs at Low Frequency


    The frequency response plots in the AD8376 and AD8376 DGA data sheets show roll-off at low frequency. Is there any way around this?


  • 关于时变增益控制响应时间


        我现在正在选取VGA放大电路,之前选用的AD8375是数字控制的,增益控制响应(Gain Step Response)时间为5ns(我能找到的最短时间),不满足我们的设计要求。AD8351是模拟控制的,我不知道settling Time 是不是相应的增益控制响应时间2ns,即当控制电压从a Vb V后多长时间,输出信号才达到对应的放大后的值,是2ns吗?。如果工程师您有时间更短的VGA(最好小于1ns),麻烦推荐,我们需要的带宽为150MHz~450Mhz,放大倍数约为-4db~20db或更宽…

  • RE: Digital Pre-distortion

    ADI offers a complete eval platform for evalualting DPD: Called the AD-MSDPD-EVB, it takes baseband I and Q data and generates an RF output signal up to +18dBm which can be passed to an external PA for transmit. Spectral purity is targeted up to MCGSM…

  • RE: 频率转换功能IC



  • ADISimRF model for AD6518

    Hi All,

    I am trying to use ADISimRF to gain some insight into the performance of each of the stages in the ADRF 6518 VGA and programmable baseband filter so that I can load it into Spectrasys and model my complete RF strip.

    The information presented…

  • IF output range of AD 8342

    What is the IF output range of AD 8342 ??

    will it support IF o/p of 25-150 KHz ??

  • The function of AD8342-EVALZ-ND

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I just bought the AD8342-EVALZ-ND and I read the data sheet of AD8342 which said that it could be used as both down-converter and up-converter. I want to make sure that if AD8342-EVALZ-ND can also be used as both a down-converter and an…