• Queries about AD8375 OIP3 Measurement

    Hi, there

    I am testing the OIP3 of AD8375 and found the results can't be get as specifications in the datasheet.

    When TC3-1 are applied at both input and output with the gain of 20dB, OIP3 is about 40dBm.

    When TC3-1 is placed at input, while ETC1…

  • Query about AD8375's Output Design

    Hi, there

    I choose AD8375 because of It's IMP data only ( i.e., 2nd harmonic ). 

    In evaluation board schematic I need some clarification,

    Below things are I observed from the  evaluation schematic ,

    1. 1. There is no intersection loss in the input…
  • how to design IF filter between ADL5801 and AD8375


    I want to design a IF receiver board, the RF input  from 400Mhz to 900Mhz, 40Mhz bandwidth,tuneable,   i want to get 144Mhz IF signal,

    I select following chips

    ADL5801         downconvertor mixter

    ADF4350         LO

    AD8375           IF amp

    who can tell me how to design…

  • FAQ: Operation of AD8375 and AD8376 Digitally Controlled VGAs at Low Frequency


    The frequency response plots in the AD8376 and AD8376 DGA data sheets show roll-off at low frequency. Is there any way around this?


  • FAQ: What are the precautions to prevent latch-up on the AD8375?


    What are the precautions to prevent latch-up on the AD8375?



    The outputs of the AD8376 are open collectors that need to be pulled up to the positive…

  • RE: IF receiver

    thanks. i have some other question

    attached is my design circuit, can u give me some advice?

    1. for best performance, LO out of ADF4350 need more filter? how to design it?

    2. i don't know how to design the impedance match of ADL5801-> AD8375, AD8375…

  • AD 8375 Frequency range

    Can AD8375 work at 1.4 MHz with specified specs

  • RE: AD 8375 output impedance

    This is a structural issue with ADIsimRF.  Or to put it another way, the issue is how to fit the AD8375 into the ADIsimRF environment which expects each component to have real and relativelylow input and output impedances. The AD8375's output is a current…

  • RE: ADL5201 Output frequency

    How low in frequency do you wish to operate? The devices I suggest would be the AD8369, AD8370 and depending on how low in frequency, the AD8375.

  • AD9265 cmos clock driver

    How can i interface AD9265 with CMOS single ended clock driver without using transformer ?

    do i need a clock driver ? actually i am driving my clock from FPGA cyclone V.

    Do you have any design file which interface this adc to cyclone V ?

    What differential…