• AD8370 PWUP Response Time

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    How log is the power up interface (PWUP pin) response time @ AD8370 ?

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  • Question about AD8370

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    Comparing Fig 47 with Fig 52 depicted in AD8370 data sheet, what are major differences? Both outputs (OPHI and OPLO) are biased to midsupply (Vocm). In what case, AD8138 should be used?

    My spec is 10MHz single-end input --> AD8370_50dB amplify…

  • AD8370 - Gain adjustment


    Is it possibly to dynamically adjust the AD8370 during acquisition?  When we change the gain we get pretty severe interference in our measurement - it is like we are picking up the clock or data lines.  The serial connections are well away from the…

  • Query about AD8370

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    We are using AD8370 VGA in one of our projects at 140MHz.Although,I went through the datasheet i was not able to find the IP3 behaviour and gain step resolution @140MHz at low gain mode and high gain mode. There are performance figures at 70MHz…

  • Can AD8370 support dual supplies?

    Hello ADI!

    Can AD8370 support dual supplies?

    I cann't find more information regarding AD8370 can work under dual supplies(+/-2.5V) except page 18 in the datasheet. I wonder if AD8370 can work under dual supplies(+/-2.5V) ? If yes, can you share the…

  • AD8370 - loses Gain Code

    We have built up a circuit with the AD8370.
    At the moment we have problems, because the AD8370 sometimes 'loses' its GainCode during measurements.

    What we have investigated:

    - we have seen, that bringing LTCH low for a certain time (without…

  • AD8370 Output Voltage Swing

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    Several questions about the output voltage swing of AD8370.

    I'm using almost same as the Figure 47 circuit on the AD8370 data sheet page 17/28.

    1. According to the data sheet page 3/28, the output voltage swing spec is 8.4Vp-p when Vs is…
  • AD8370 S参数


  • AD8370 PWUP on/off control

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    About the AD8370AREZ, our customers are considering turning ON / OFF control with the PWUR pin function at 100 ms cycle, and keeping it on 24 H / 365 consecutive days.
    (ON / OFF by PWUP pin)

    · Is there a problem with this usage?
    (Our customers…

  • [AD8370] input range on datasheet


    I would like to understand clear about AD8370 input range description.

    My understanding is correct that described below images?

    1)  Meaning of ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS says Differential Input Voltage, VINHI-VINLO 2V

    2) Meaning of INPUT STAGE…