• AD8370

    We are trying to simulate a TX -chain using AD8370 in ADS. Can you please provide the S-parameter file for AD8370 at the earliest.

  • AD8370


    We've used the AD8370 in our design and are finding that the response time when the gain is increased is very different than the response time when the gain is reduced.  In the former case the response time is nearly instantaneous whereas…

  • AD8370 gain modes


    How to calculate the point where AD8370 has the same gain in both low gain mode and high gain mode. I need to switch smoothly between the two modes (for AGC (automatic gain control) construction). In the datasheet there is only a formula for calculating…

  • RE: Current consumption of AD8370

    Hi Nao,

    I found the issue. I had a series resistor and a shunt resistor for impedance matching on the input pins of AD8370. This was causing the bias on input pins to be disturbed. I replaced the series resistor with a capacitor and then the device started…

  • AD8370 Testing


    Please find attach Schematic diagram and Vector file.

    I tried to test AD8370 and applied a vector(Pattern) as attach.

    I am not getting a desire result at output pin 8 & 9.

    Anyone can share the example vector file to test this device or either…

  • AD8370-Eval Software


    I have an AD8370-EVALZ evaluation board for the AD8370 amplifier.  I also have the ADF4xxx USB-to-Parallel converter.  The  AD8370_0p0p0 software installs just fine, as does the USB driver software.  When I plug in the USB converter it shows the correct…

  • AD8370 stability


    We are using an AD8370 and are having issues with stability - the amplifier tends to go into high frequency oscillation.  We have a mini circuits transformer on the input and output for matching.  It tends to work ok at low gains (in low gain mode…

  • Driving AD6649 with AD8370


    I need to drive AD6649 with AD8370 for a narrow band application in the frequency range 20-500MHz. Taking the examples as a guideline, I took out anti-aliasing filters, as the filtering is already done in the RF, and came up with the attached scheme…

  • AD8370 IP3

    IP3 =33dBm mentioned on datasheet is measured at full device gain or low gain and what is the frequecncy spacing for IMD test

  • Q:about AD8370&8369

    I used AD8370 as my DAC amplifier.

    Now i found ad8370 can only supply 34db max.

    I hope VGA can supply more 4db gain.

    Now I want to used ad8369.(I don't want to change more,the 8369 package is  same as 8370. )

    As datasheet reference,it mention the…