• AD8370差分放大器


  • Current consumption of AD8370

    Hello everyone,

    I am facing issues in using AD8370 in my system. Attached is the schematic diagram for the same.

    In the datasheet it is mentioned that the IC uses around 80mA of current. In my system the current consumption of the IC is only 40mA. I have…

  • RE: AD8370 Dual Supply - Serial Interface Levels

    hi mr_bill,

    what is the a level shifter that you used? 

    thank you.

  • AD8370 gain data not matching with what is given in description and figures in datasheet


    I see that AD8370 datasheet gives gain range as given below

    Low range: −11 dB to +17 dB
    High range: 6 dB to 34 dB

    But figure 2 and figure 4 shows that the gain at gain code 0 is 

    Low gain mode: -24dB

    High gain mode: -7dB

    Request clarification regarding…

  • AD8370 gain modes


    How to calculate the point where AD8370 has the same gain in both low gain mode and high gain mode. I need to switch smoothly between the two modes (for AGC (automatic gain control) construction). In the datasheet there is only a formula for calculating…

  • FAQ: Low Frequency Operating Limit for AD8370 Digitally Controlled VGA


    What is the low frequency operating limit for the AD8370 digitally controlled variable gain amplifier



    As long as the input common…

  • FAQ: AD8370 dc coupled with dual supplies


    How much current do we supply the negative supplies when we operate the AD8370 in Dc coupled mode as per figure 51?



    In the…

  • Does running AD8370 with VCCI 3V3 and VCCO 5V save much power?


    In my design I currently run VCCI and VCCO at 5V0.

    If I were to run the pre-amplifier at 3V3 (VCCI = 3V3) and keep the output stage at 5V (VCCO=5V), would I expect to see a significant power saving?

    Or is the pre-amplifier an insignificant part…

  • AD8370 Noise Figure at different Loads


    i have a question regarding Noise Figure chart (Figure 45).
    What about different RLoads instead of 100 Ohm?
    I have 2054 Ohm Load and Power gain is much smaller as at 100 Ohm.
    At gain code 15 in example power gain is -11.67dB for 2054R Load.
    Will noise…

  • RE: AD8370

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