• AD8370

    We are trying to simulate a TX -chain using AD8370 in ADS. Can you please provide the S-parameter file for AD8370 at the earliest.

  • AD8370


    We've used the AD8370 in our design and are finding that the response time when the gain is increased is very different than the response time when the gain is reduced.  In the former case the response time is nearly instantaneous whereas…

  • Can AD8370 support dual supplies?

    Hello ADI!

    Can AD8370 support dual supplies?

    I cann't find more information regarding AD8370 can work under dual supplies(+/-2.5V) except page 18 in the datasheet. I wonder if AD8370 can work under dual supplies(+/-2.5V) ? If yes, can you share the…

  • AD8370 - loses Gain Code

    We have built up a circuit with the AD8370.
    At the moment we have problems, because the AD8370 sometimes 'loses' its GainCode during measurements.

    What we have investigated:

    - we have seen, that bringing LTCH low for a certain time (without…

  • On the case of connecting the AD8370 in series.


    I have a question about AD8370. When the AD8370 is connected in series,  the output gain of the AD8370 in the first stage is 3 dB lower than the set value.(Please see attached file.)

    I think that it is probably due to impedance mismatch, so please…

  • Can AD8370 have different VCCO and VCCI?

    My design save one IC if I can drive the ADC AD9288-100 from AD8370 directly.

    Common mode Output is set to mid-supply in AD8370 and its powered from +/-2.5V

    AD9288 is powered from 3.3V and its Common Mode Input Volage is required to be in 0.3*Vd +…

  • RE: 请教:AD9288有关问题


  • VGA for 10 to 15MHz (DC or AC) Signal for ADC input


    I'm looking for a VGA circuit, which is capable to amplify and attenuate input voltages from 10mVpp to 7Vpp. This is needed to

    bring the signal level to ADC input level, 1Vpp differential.

    The VGA input signal is from a coil to measure the…

  • RE: Question about AD8370

    Hi, Kazu,

        The AD8370 runs on single 5V supply, so the input and output common-mode range are ~ +/- 1.6V around mid-supply (i.e., from 0.9 to 4.1V), but max. output swing will be reduced as the output common-mode level approaches either extreme.  The…

  • AD8370 Testing


    Please find attach Schematic diagram and Vector file.

    I tried to test AD8370 and applied a vector(Pattern) as attach.

    I am not getting a desire result at output pin 8 & 9.

    Anyone can share the example vector file to test this device or either…