• AD8369

    Can you provide a SPICE model for the AD8369? I need to do a circuit simulation now, thank you.

  • AD8369 Controller

    The AD8369 Eval board has a parallel connector on it.  I have purchased a parallel-USB cable to be able to interface to a computer.  Is there a GUI that works with present day Windows to run the IC?  All the old VBA stuff isn't something I'm familiar enough…

  • AD8369 'low frequency'


    In the data sheet the frequency limit is mentioned as 'low frequency', how low can the AD8369 be used down to?

    As my intended range is DC (20Hz) to 2Mhz. It would be a great help if you know of any other digial programable gain amplifiers…

  • AD8369 Performance at 3V

    What is the performance of AD8369 at 500MHz with 3V supply ?. 

    For Specifications like 


    P1 dB



    Harmonic power

    SUPPLY Current.

  • EVAL-AD8369 Gerber

    Hi, can you help support EVAL-AD8369 Gerber.I found that the data of ADI link error :http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/evaluation-documentation/AD8369_05a00297_Gerber.zip .Thanks.

  • AD8369 for audio applications

    I am working on a project in which I intend to control the volume of a sound system using the AD8369 Eval Board. Can I use the board to control the gain of  audio frequencies i.e. up to a maximum of 20kHz. Also, the datasheet does specify the type of connections…

  • AD8369 Insertion Phase versus gain

    Does any data exists for AD8369 insertion phase versus gain

  • AD8369 input and output impedance interface

    I am planning to use VGA AD8369 in my project. Since AD8369 has differential input and output with 200 ohm interfaces, while in my project, the source and load are all single-ended with 50 ohm. I have to use termination circuit as follows, where the transformers…

  • Using two AD8369 amps in series?


    I'm amplifying a pulsed 10.7 MHz IF signal, the pulse width is 600 nSec with a PRF of 2.5 kHz. After amplification, I'm using an AD8310 logamp and an AD8561 comparator to detect and amplify the pulse.  To increase the sensitivity, I'd like…

  • Performance of AD8369 at 400MHz & 500MHz

    Can i use AD8369 at 500 MHz? 

    What is the performance of AD8369 at 400 MHz &  500 MHz. 

    like :

    Voltage Gain
    Gain Flatness
    Noise Figure
    Output IP3

    ............ Please let us Know