• AD8368

    Hello. I have a questions about AD8368.

    I want to use AD8368 in AGC Mode to reference Frequency(10MHz) in PLL(ADF4355)

    Using Spectrum Analyzer's 10MHz Reference to AD8368's input Frequency.

    But The phase noise will be worse when using the AD8368…

  • AD8368


  • AD8368

    Hi ,

    I am using AD8368, when I trun AGC to VGC status, whether or not the DETO could be used as detector.

    The circuit is attached, and when JP4 is off, whether the voltage of DETO will change with output voltage


  • [AD8368] eval BOM

    Hello everyone,

    is it possibile to get the BOM of AD8368 AGC evaluation board?

    Many thanks in advance.



  • AD8367 and AD8368


    We have chosen two VGAs AD8368 and AD8367 for Tx and Rx respectly. 

    I would like to know if I could use the internal detectors alone in this VGAs because I don't need a standalone AGC of these components. I prefer using these detetors to provide…

  • AD8368 not expected behaviour

    I'm having some problems with AD8368 working in AGC mode. The component is at the input of a RF chain, and the issue is that for an input power variation of 28 dB, I get an output power variation around 3.6 dB. I'm testing the unit with tones, and I'm…

  • AD8368: unreasonable rf noise


    I am observing a startling level of power instability after my signal goes through the AD8368 eval board. I have included below a picture of a scope trace showing the power output (using an RF to DC power converter). On top of the expected linear…

  • AD8368 - AGC operation


    Our application requires constant output power for wide range of input power ( +5 to -65 dBm). Can two AD8368 can be cascaded to achieve this?  Is there any special precaution to be taken during cascaded operation of two AD8368. We are planning to…

  • AD8368 - DECL capacitors


    In the AD8368 Datasheet, the ideal DECL capacitor values for various frequencies were mentioned.

    But the values were mentioned only for two DECL pins (4 and 15). Are there no dependency on 14 th pin for frequency selection?

    Can we use 5.6 pF…

  • Problem with AD8368

    The AD8368 is used to implement the AGC circuit in the 450 MHz band.
    The circuit is constructed in the same way as Fig. 34 of Datasheet.
    The behavior is good, but I have a big problem.
    If the Vgain voltage exceeds 1V, the gain remains unchanged even…