• AD8367 Stability


    I am using the AD8367 amplifier in VGA mode and it is oscillating at high gain settings. Looking at the datasheet and in particular the HPFL and DECL pins, I was wondering if I can modify the feedback network using these pins to sacrifice some gain…

  • AGC implementation of AD8367 with AD8361

    Hi! I want to use the AD8367 to realize the AGC function together with the AD8361. The reference circuit shown in Fig.38 shows the coupling between the output of AD8367 and the input to AD8361 is simply based on the series resistor R1(200kR). I am wondering…

  • 关于AD8367 S2P文件的一些疑问

    您好,关于D8367 S2P文件我有一些疑问,以240MHz为例,


    2)该s2p文件对应的demo板是否使用了datasheet fig.42的宽带匹配形式?手册table7上说,使用电阻的宽带匹配形式会引入11.5dB插损,那么输入输出的匹配是不是总共引入了23dB插损呢?


  • EVAL-AD8367 _ User manual??

    Hey, I am planning on ordering EVAL-AD8367, and I cannot find a user manual for this evaluation board.

    Usually, for an analog devices evaluation board, they would have a user guide. 

    Is there a user guide for EVAL-AD8367??

    EVAL_AD8367 website: https://www…

  • AD8367 - Output doesn't look like a full sine wave


    I am currently using AD8367, and I have followed the schematic below, yet the outputs doesn't look good. Not sure what mistakes I have made. I have double checked all the components.

    Please help.


    AD8367 Datasheet: https://www.analog…

  • AD8367 output reversed


    recently I was using Ad8367's AGC feature using the graph recommended by the datasheet, but the results are odd and it is reversed up and down between output and input

    Where is the problem?

    This is the schematic diagram

    This is the result of…

  • AD8367增益范围与输入输出阻抗的关系问题?


  • AD8367

    As per datasheet, AD8367 (page-17), with reference to Figure 38 ( Example of Using an External Detector to Form an AGC Loop) , I have got some doubts. If i will set VSET=0.2V (i.e., -20 dBm output set), Please let me know the gain of the amplifier.

  • implementing AD8367 as a AGC in down mode


    while implmenting AD 8367 as AGC 

    I have seen degeradation in EVM  with 64 QAM when i am feeding rf input level below -50dBm in AD8367 evaluation board .

    please anyone could you suggest what is happening 

  • AD8367 1M 到 40M 信号的衰减

    输入电压Vgain用dac输出0.5v,信号源输入VPP = 100mv  1M频率的时候输出vpp = 570mv    40M 的时候输出只有100mv