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    As per datasheet, AD8367 (page-17), with reference to Figure 38 ( Example of Using an External Detector to Form an AGC Loop) , I have got some doubts. If i will set VSET=0.2V (i.e., -20 dBm output set), Please let me know the gain of the amplifier.

  • AD8367

    Hi at all, I need AN or CN  of the AD8367 in order to create an application to make agc (better, e.g. level voltage out) controlled by an IC controller and DAC chip. Can you help me? Thanks.

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  • AD8367


  • AD8367

    Hi, Joel;

    Thank you for the reply. Now I know AD5330 is suitable for Transmitter.

    And since AD8357 is a 200 ohm system, should I insert a 4:1 tranformer at its output port, or as the demo circuit we insert 174/57.6 ohm resistors? which way is best?

  • VGA AD8367

    Guongiorno, I'm Domenico Pavone from the Optel Consortium (Italy). At the moment we are resolving some obsolescence for Leonardo Spa. I would like to have some information about component AD8367. Is it obsolete? You can give me information about:

  • AD8367 VGA

    Can we use the AD8367 in cascaded ?

    I am getting the input signal as a -20dB expected signal after the VGA is -70dB , So in order to get this output signal i am using the AD8367 ( VGA) in cascaded mode but i am able to see -40dB at the first VGA output…

  • AD8367 matching


    I am currently working on a module that used AD8367 in it.

    I thought the IF output of this module would be working in MHz range(few hundered MHz less than 500MHz) so I chose AD8367 to use AGC mode.

    However, as it turns out IF output might both…

  • AD8367 output reversed


    recently I was using Ad8367's AGC feature using the graph recommended by the datasheet, but the results are odd and it is reversed up and down between output and input

    Where is the problem?

    This is the schematic diagram

    This is the result of…