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  • Driving the AD8366

    Dear Support,

    I am currently designing a frontend for a computer based oscilloscope. The ADC will be the LTC2298 which will be driven by the AD8366.

    The Bandwidth of my Input Signals will be between DC and a few MHz.

    My Question is; Do I need to shift…

  • AD8366: input/output matching networks

    Dear support,

    in my design I would adopt the AD8366 DVGA.

    I want to ask a reference design or some guide lines in order to match the output and input of the AD8366 with the rest of the circuit:

    - on the INPUT the signal is a 50Ohms single-ended.

  • AD8366 Output Common-Mode control


    I am planning to use the AD8366 to drive the dual inputs of the AD9643 ADC. From the AD8366 datasheet, it seems that output common mode voltage is programmable from 1.6 to 3 V only. But by looking at the VCMA equivalent circuit (figure 48 of AD8366…

  • AD8366 - single-ended input without use of balun

    I am using the AD8366 evaluation boards. My input signal is single-ended.

    As the input signal contains information at DC, I cannot use the balun on the EVAL-AD8366.

    Can you kindly help to advise how to use the EVAL-AD8366 for single-ended input without…

  • AD8366 output swing compliance with LTC2194

    Dear support.

    In my design I have an AD8366 dual-VGA that drives a LTC2194 dual-ADC.

    Refring  at the specifications for those device, I found the voltage swing of AD8366 is 6Vpp, whereas the absolute maximu ratings for the LTC2194 inputs is 2Vpp.In my…

  • theta-jc of ADL5385, ADL5387, AD8366

    Hello support,

    I need the theta-JC of ADL5385, ADL5387 and AD8366.

    Could you please teach me that ?

    Best regards,


  • AD9643 and AD8366 connection in fmcomms1


    As per the schematic of fmcomms1 not all the output of ad8366 amplifier are connected to AD9643 inputs. OPMB and OPPA output of amplifier is connected to the adc via jumper.why the other two outputs of amplifiers are not connected to the adc inputs…

  • AD8366: input/output matching networks (pt.2)

    Dear support,

    Sorry, but I open a new post 'cause it's more then 4 days that I try to reply to my previous question but the forum "reply" option is disabled. I don't know why, but I am wasting lot of time to complete my design. I have also tried to send…