• SNR for AD8363


    I am using AD8363 in a receiver chain.  I would like to know what should be the SNR for the AD8363 so that it distinguishes (detect) the signal from the noise.


  • The output question of ad8363 at zero input.

    I used multiple AD8363 to measure the power output of multiple channels, but when the input of the AD8363 is connected to GND, the output of each AD8363 is not the same.

    Number of AD8363 Output when input connet to GND(V)
    1# 4.2
    2# 0.1
    3# 0.3
  • Bypass AD8363 Vref

    I'm getting signal coupling onto the Vref pin of the AD8363.  Can I safely put a bypass cap on the Vref output without affecting the stability of the Vref circuit?  Is there a range of capacitor values I should avoid?

  • AD8363 With Floating TCM1 & TCM2 ?

    Hello All,

    Using the AD8363 but am getting a logarithmic slope close to 40mV/dB instead of the specificed 52mV/dB.  Could this be caused by leaving the TCM1 and TCM2 inputs floating. Is  recommended to have these pins connected to some potential (table…

  • RE: 1.5-30MHz power detector: AD8363 or AD8362

    ADL5904 has better temperature stability than AD8363 or AD8362.  At 30MHz with input power = 10dBm, the threshold variation over temperatures is about 0.2dB.

  • RE: 平方律检波器AD8363使用中遇到的问题求教,望大神给予解答,谢谢


  • AD8363 vs. ADL5902 Input Resistance

    I have a question for input resistance between AD8363 and ADL5902.

    I’m wondering why are you changing from 50 to 2000Ω in comparing two products?


    The input impedance is set primarily by an internal 50 Ω resistor connected between INHI and…

  • RF Detector Flatness vs. Frequency

    Question: How can I figure out the output flatness vs. frequency of an RF Detector such as the AD8363


    Using the Slope and Intercept specs it is possible to get a sense for and RF Detector's  flatness vs frequency. Let’s take the example…

  • AD8363 - with shorted input, puts out 100mV


    I'm using the RF detector AD8363. With a shorted input across the antenna, I still get a 100mV on the output. Unshorting the input does nothing. The output does not change.

    I've got 2 separate layouts for the AD8363, one contains a power…

  • FAQ: Operating RMS Detectors at Low Frequencies


    Which RMS Power Detectors can be operated at low frequencies?



    The term "low frequency" is relative.  To someone working with microwave…