• AD8362

    Dear  Sir/Madam,

    When entering a pure - carrier to AD8362 inputs ( frequency of 2.001MHz power of 10dBm ; or 10dBm frequency
  • In the use of AD8362, I want to discuss the feasibility of the idea with the technical teacher. Thank you

    We use the weak directional coupler to attenuate the power signal when we use AD8362 to measure the larger power. In 500 Mhz-900 Mhz frequency band, the coupling of weak directional coupler is positively correlated with frequency, and the coupling degree…

  • FAQ: Can the AD8362 Logarithmic RMS Detector accurately WiMax and LTE?


    I am looking for an RMS detector which will measure WiMax and LTE signals (OFDM Modulation). Looking at the data sheet of the AD8362, I see no mention of these standards. Can the AD8362 accurately measure the rms power level of such signals?


  • RE: Encountered ADRF6850 design problems to seek help

    hi .

    I reference the  circuit of page 21 in the  AD8348 PDF document,

    I use the AD8362 control the the ADRF6850 conduct AGC.

    See also the  circuit of page 27 in the  AD8362 PDF document.

    You see it?

  • RE: AD8362 27MHz slope and intercept

    There is good description of a typical calibration process on page 24 of the ADL5906 datasheet (rev A). It's called System Calibration and Error Calculation.  ADL5906 and AD8362 are functionally almost identical so the equations described in there…

  • RE: AD8362在输入两个载波时功率测不准的问题


  • AGC control loop using AD8362 in controller mode.

    Do you have any information on the Gain Control Bandwidth of the AD8362's output op-amp? I want to use the AD8362 in Controller Mode and want to factor this bandwidth into my loop calculations.

  • RE: Single Sided Configuration - AD8362

    Is the output of the AD9951 buffered? This is a current out DAC whose voltage is formed by the load resistance. If the AD8362 circuit is connected directly to the AD9951 then the DAC will see a lower load which will give lower voltage.

    One way of checking…

  • Using TMP36 with AD8362 at 1 MHz

    I have a design that is using the TMP36 to compensate for temperature changes of the AD8362 Log Amp. The input to the AD8362 is 1 MHz. The chart in the application note only goes down to 900 MHz when selecting the resisters shown in the application. How…

  • Analog Input of AD7940.

    Hi everyone,

    I have a query regarding the analog input interface of AD7940.

    I want to interface of RMS to DC Converter, AD8362 to input of AD7940. Now Input circuit

    of AD7940 shows a 25 ohm resistor to charge a 25pF capacitor. In that case, the cu…