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  • AD8362 Deviation error


          We are using AD8362 ,just find for 10% chips the output voltage is 3db lower than real value. For further confirm, the deviation error is 3db under -45dbm input with 900M. From spec the value should under -1.7db. Do you have any idea what's…

  • FAQ: Alternatives to  AD8362 High Range RF RMS Detector


    I have used the AD8362 logarithmic detector in the past. Now I am starting a new design and am wondering if there are any newer alternatives.


  • FAQ: Operating the AD8362 Evaluation Board at Low Frequencies


    I am having some problems getting the AD8362 evaluation board to work low frequencies (e.g. around 1-10 MHz). Do I need to make some changes to the evaluation board for operation in this frequency range?


  • FAQ: Can the AD8362 Logarithmic RMS Detector accurately WiMax and LTE?


    I am looking for an RMS detector which will measure WiMax and LTE signals (OFDM Modulation). Looking at the data sheet of the AD8362, I see no mention of these standards. Can the AD8362 accurately measure the rms power level of such signals?


  • FAQ: AD8362 RMS Detector: Equations for RMS Averaging Capacitor and Corner Frequency of Offset Control Loop

    What is the correct equation for the determining the corner frequencies associated with the rms averaging and the offset control loop in the AD8362 RMS Detector?
  • AD8362 Output Saturation

    Hi again,

    I've built a circuit to measure RF signals of 2.4GHz in accordance to Fig. 48 in the datasheet for singled ended drive. The only difference is that I have not put a capacitor on the CHPF pin and have connected it directly to GND. Everything…

  • AD8362 Front End Filter Help

    Hi all,

    I am designing a RF power detection circuit that is capable of detecting frequencies between 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz. I am keen to add a filter on the front end of the AD8362 and the component that I would like to use is the LFB182G by Murata. From their…

  • AD8362 Differential Input Impedance

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    How to measure does AD8362 Differential Input Impedance ?

    Figure 37. INHI, INLO Differential Input Impedance, 100 MHz to 3 GHz

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