• FAQ: AD8354 Thermal Impedance

    Q: What is the definition of θJA for paddle soldered/unsoldered shown in the datasheet?

  • AD8354 bare die


    Do you sell this amplifier as a bare die,  without the package?

     Thank you in advance,

  • AD8354 recommended ground vias


    Are ground vias needed on exposed pad?

    And if not, is it important to place ground vias as near as possible to the exposed pad?

    Indeed the evaluation board doesn't seem to have many ground vias near the exposed pad, which is curious.


  • 基于AD9852产生固定频率通过AD8354后不正确





  • Information with regards to Gain and Phase margin

    Hi , 

    Device : AD8354

    Could you please let me know if you have Gain and Phase margin data with regards to AD8354 . 

    Thanking you 

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  • ADL5513 and 1090MHz


    I am trying to receive a 1MHz bandwidth signal with a 1090MHz carrier frequency, since I am not an expert in RF and microwave, i would like to ask you if my current circuit configuration can receive and demodulate the 1090MHz signal using 3 LNAs and…

  • RE: 请教关于RF增益模块是否必须的问题


  • ADI年度贺岁片——使用AD9851和ADL5350做射频电路的时候的问题

    ADI年度贺岁片——使用AD9851和ADL5350做射频电路的时候的问题 by stevenC


  • RE: LNA for LORAN

    AD8353 and AD8354 is specified to operate down to 1 MHz. It can go lower than this. It's just a question of increasing the ac-coupling caps. There is a discussion of this in the apps section of the datasheet along with a plot showing operation down to…