• How to determine ADC input impedance?


    I am using the AD8352 differential amplifier to drive the AD9253. Many application notes write that the ADC input impedance is reduced to 200-400 ohms by an external parallel resistor.How is this specific value determined?Is it to meet the front…

  • Understanding How Amplifier Noise Contributes to Total Noise in ADC Signal Chains

    Recently I wrote an article which appeared in the Volume 47 - February 2013 edition of Analog Dialogue. This article outlines a method of estimating the noise introduced into an ADC signal chain by an amplifier or driver. Amplifiers or drivers can be…

  • RE: Differential IF amplifier for transmitter

    Sounds like you need an amplifier with real input and output impedances (e.g. vs. an amplifier with relatively high input impedance and low ouitput impedance).  Take a look at AD8352 which has fixed pin-strapped gain or AD8375 which has digitally programmable…

  • RE: AD8047 problem

    Hello Bhavya,

    I would suggest a step-by-step check with a scope, starting at the transformer secondary, then move on to the AD8352 input, its differential output, then AD9455 inputs. Once you are sure that there are no glitches on the input side, you…

  • RE: Need Help in selection of ADC for CMOS Image Sensor

    No , the sensor output is a differential one, it has two outputs vout+ and vout-, Vcm is 2V and output varies +/- 400mV

    if seen as differential input the swing is 400mV

    basically the data is an image data from sensor, so i feel the data wont change that…

  • RE: 频率转换功能IC



  • RE: AD8045 Exposed Paddle Connection


    Since expose paddle was mention here. We have had a lots on enquiry regarding this, not just specifically on the AD8045.

    Regarding ... how (best) in connecting the Expose paddle... “in General”.  The Expose Paddle otherwise, sometime Also Known As…

  • Analog Devices 14 Bit ADC (AD9640BCPZ-150) Distorted Sampled Output

    Hi Friends,

    I have designed a board which has AD9640BCPZ-150 analog to digital converter from Analog  Devices.
    This ADC is interfaced to a  Spartan3AN FPGA. The ADC is seemingly producing distorted output (or call it missing code problem). The detail…
  • RE: 模拟对话 2007年第41卷第1期


    By Rob Reeder [rob.reeder@analog.com]
    Jim Caserta [jim.caserta@analog.com]


    高性能模数转换器(ADC)“前端”的输入配置设计对达到要求的系统性能至关重要 。优化总体设计取决于很多因素 ,包括应用性质、系统组成和ADC的结构。以下的问答主要节绍了使用放大器和变压器影响ADC前端设计的一些重要的实际考虑。



  • 关于宽带ADC前端设计考虑:用放大器还是用变压器驱动ADC?

    高性能魔术转换器(ADC)“前端”的输入配置设计对达到要求的系统性能至关重要 。优化总体设计取决于很多因素 ,包括应用性质、系统组成和ADC的结构。以下的问答主要节绍了使用放大器和变压器影响ADC前端设计的一些重要的实际考虑。