• Limitations of using AD8352 amplifier with AD9434 ADC?

    Hi Everyone,

    Are there any limitations of using the AD8352 amplifier with the AD9434 ADC? They are shown together in the ADC datasheet, but now the website for that part recommends a newer amplifier, the ADL5562. We need a 1GHz analog front end and will…

  • RE: The output signal of AD8352 is distorted


    What frequency and signal levels are you using ?   What common mode voltage are you using and what ADC are you driving ?  Also, if you can share more detail on the schematic may be helpful.  



  • RE: AD8352输出信号失真问题


    2)2 GHz超低失真差分射频/中频放大器,用作ADC Driver,建议细读过AN-1026," 高速差分ADC驱动器设计考虑"。


  • 放大器 低频应用


                            ADA4961、AD8352是否 支持覆盖低频段,如100kHz~10MHz?



                           如果 ADA4961、AD8352不支持10kHz,请推荐一下运算放大器或则RF放大器芯片。

                           需求:频段0.1MHz~1GHz  功率增益15dB

  • ADL5201 - Output impedance and Gain


    Does the gain of ADL5201 dependent on the output Load? We are planning to use another Differential amplifier (AD8352) at the output of ADL5201 to provide Multi-stage gain. AD8352 has high input impedance, so it should be possible for ADL5201 to drive…

  • RF input driver to the Mixer

    In the Data sheet of the Differential Amplifier AD8352, it is mentioned that it can be used as Mixer driver.

    Can you share us any application circuit where this is used as Mixer driver?

    Is it sufficient that we connect the output of the AD8352 to any…

  • RE: Power supply to RF signal Chain

    Hi Collins,

    Thanks for the reply.

    We are usilng ADL5801, AGC module AD8368, ADC driver AD8352 and Amplifier AD8350.

    We are suppling from DC-DC converter for these modules

  • RE: IF receiver

    If you need more gain, you can use a second AD8375 differential amplifier. Alternatively, you could add gain using the AD8352. The gain of this device is resistor programmable.


  • RE: AD9253 - Input protection


    We are using ADL5201 as AGC. The AGC will be programmed to deliver 0dBm output (for 50ohm system). We are using AD8352 at the output of the AGC as ADC driver. We will resistor program it for suitable voltage range.

  • RE: SIngle ended to differential converter for MRI application

    Hi akshay92,

    ADI has a document about MRI solutions. You can access the documentation through this link. This discusses a signal chain solution for MRI applications.

    Here are some single-ended to differential converters that meets your requirements (5V supply…