• A inquire about an application of AD8351

    I'v looked RF amplifier  AD8351 for an application of a 1Gbps LVDS transmission system. The system is require fitting to a single-ended output with 50Ohm coaxial cable. I searched the datasheet of AD8351, but no sample of single-ended was on here.…

  • questions about AD8351 output common voltage adjustment

    I use two AD8351 and an AD8370 in series before an ADC to amplifier weak signals from DC to about 100MHz.

    Now there has a problem:I can not adjust the output common voltage of AD8351.


    I use 3.3V for AD8370 and the ADC so I want to adjust the last…

  • AD8351: single-ended-to-differential operation gain calculation


    In our application we use the AD8351 as a single-ended-to-differatial converter to drive a ADC.

    Is there a formula to calculate the gain for a single-ended-to-differential operation? There are only two figures for resistor selection in the datasheet…

  • AD8351 - Gain Calculation for ADC Driving Application

    I would like to use the AD8351 as a variable gain amplifier for a differential signal to an ADC with a differential input. The data sheet gives an equation for the voltage gain, Av, based on Rg and Rl. However, the example circuits for driving an ADC…

  • Questions regarding AD8351: Is there a spice model?

    I'm looking for a spice model fore the AD8351. I've loooked but it doesn't seem to be posted. Does any one have one?


  • AD8351 Phase and Group Delay at high frequency

    Hi all,

    In the datasheet @ AD8351 rev.D,


    Figure 24. Phase and Group Delay (AV = 10 dB, at 5 V Supplies)

    This data is measuring between 0 to 250MHz.

    Do you have the data to provide available @ 1GHz ~2GHz?


  • Suitable Driver for AD9681 ADC, ADL5566 or AD8351 or else?

    Dear engineers!

    I am looking for a suitable driver for the AD9681 8-channel 14bit ADC. Currently we are working with the ADL5566 and an ADC of a different vendor. We would like to replace our current ADC with the AD9681 due to its lower power consumption…

  • What is absolute max for inputs of the AD8351?

    Absolute max for inputs is not specified in datasheet

  • AD8351   What is S21 and output resistance in OFF mode (PWUP=0)

    Good day to everybody!

    In oder to multiplex different signals in differential mode it's desirable to use AD8351 and connect their outputs together, and switch signals by PWUP.

    But channel isolation and Gain vs. Frequency depends on S21 and output…

  • How to drive both AD8351 and AD8001 at a time with RF amplifer

    How can I drive the AD8351 and Ad 8001 at a time from RF amplifier which is 50 ohm device?
    should I use any interface circuit? I am looking forward to your kind help.