• AD8351 PWUP

    With the Vpos @5V and the Vocm set at 2.5V.  Is there any information about how fast the AD8351 will activate once the PWUP pin is above 1.3V threshold.  Also is there any data on how much current the part will draw in when PWUP is below this threshold…

  • AD8351

    It is a question about AD8351.
    Using the evaluation board
    Although the gain is set to 18 dB (RG = 50 Ω) as a single end, the gain characteristic flattens only to about 120 MHz in the frequency response. In the data sheet, it is a gain flat up to 400…

  • AD8351 input matching

    Hello all,

    I am trying to match the input of the AD8351 to a 100R differential source.

    In the datasheet of the AD8351 im referred to the datasheet of the AD8350 which gives me the calculations.

    Calculating with 300MHz, a Rload of 5K and a Rsource of…

  • AD8351 Vocm unstable issue

    Dear Specialists,

             Sorry to trouble you. We now use AD8351 just as below shows, Vocm tie to GND through 0.1uF capacitor.

    The normal value of Vocm=1.65v as Vcc is 3.3v. But when input pulse signal(have risk coupling low interfering signal), sometimes…

  • AD8351 suffix


    I would like to make sure about ordering number.

    What is the difference between AD8351ARM and AD8351ARMZ ?

    I think ARMZ is just Pb free, correct?



  • AD8351 S-parameters

    Hello, I'm trying to find S-parameters for the AD8351. There is an old post on this topic (see https://ez.analog.com/rf/f/q-a/76076/question-re-ad8343-s-parameter-data/234351#234351) which states "My apologies for the long wait on the S-parameter…

  • AD8351 gain calculating

    Hello ADI

    This gain formula doesn't match. Can you show me a true formula? 

    Thank you

  • AD9245_differential input configuration with AD8351

    the figure 40 in the datasheet of AD9245  is similar with the EVB (schematic in
    figure 49,50).  The output common-mode voltage of the AD8351 is set to AVDD/2
    (VAMP/2 in EVB), AV coupling with AD9245. In the EVB schematic the VIN+ and
  • AD8351 input / output common voltage range ?

    Hi all,

    we are confused about input / output common voltage & input / output range !

    Please let me know, which is correct.


    In the datasheet, following is it.


    Input Common-Mode Voltage Adjustment Range 1…

  • AD8351 single-end input BW


    I'm  prototyping with a single-ended circuit configuration (Datasheet P 14 Fig. 41) using the evaluation board of the AD8351.
    Although a differential output is measured by inputting a 1Vpp sinusoidal wave (50 kHz to 200 MHz), the amplitudes of Hi…