Hello ADI

    Our customer has a question for AD8351.

    A calculated Av(dB) value does not match GAIN(dB) on the figure 38.

    This calculated Av(dB) is used for the part of "GAIN ADJUSTMENT" of page12 on the data sheet.

    For example, a calculated Av…

  • AD9245_differential input configuration with AD8351

    the figure 40 in the datasheet of AD9245  is similar with the EVB (schematic in
    figure 49,50).  The output common-mode voltage of the AD8351 is set to AVDD/2
    (VAMP/2 in EVB), AV coupling with AD9245. In the EVB schematic the VIN+ and
    VIN- are set…

  • AD8351 S-parameters

    Hello, I'm trying to find S-parameters for the AD8351. There is an old post on this topic (see https://ez.analog.com/rf/f/q-a/76076/question-re-ad8343-s-parameter-data/234351#234351) which states "My apologies for the long wait on the S-parameter…

  • AD8351 - Gain Calculation for ADC Driving Application

    I would like to use the AD8351 as a variable gain amplifier for a differential signal to an ADC with a differential input. The data sheet gives an equation for the voltage gain, Av, based on Rg and Rl. However, the example circuits for driving an ADC…

  • AD8351 input / output common voltage range ?

    Hi all,

    we are confused about input / output common voltage & input / output range !

    Please let me know, which is correct.


    In the datasheet, following is it.


    Input Common-Mode Voltage Adjustment Range 1…

  • RE: AD8351

    The load resistor affects the gain as well.  Make sure you are using the same load resistor as the datasheet in order to get the same frequency response.

  • AD8351 single-end input BW


    I'm  prototyping with a single-ended circuit configuration (Datasheet P 14 Fig. 41) using the evaluation board of the AD8351.
    Although a differential output is measured by inputting a 1Vpp sinusoidal wave (50 kHz to 200 MHz), the amplitudes of Hi…

  • RE: Questions regarding AD8351: Is there a spice model?

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  • AD8351 Vocm unstable issue

    Dear Specialists,

             Sorry to trouble you. We now use AD8351 just as below shows, Vocm tie to GND through 0.1uF capacitor.

    The normal value of Vocm=1.65v as Vcc is 3.3v. But when input pulse signal(have risk coupling low interfering signal), sometimes…

  • RE: questions about AD8351 output common voltage adjustment

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