• RE: Opamp and AD835 square-root circuit malfunction - Latches up

    Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately, your schematic has very low resolution. Please, try to remake it in high quality.

    Which the voltage range at AD835 inputs are?  In my opinion, latching of AD835 may be caused by overload of inputs.

    The output of…
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  • AD835

    hi engineer,

    i want to function ad835 as a multiplier. i want to make this component to produce BPSK Signal. i had a discussion with Mr. Neil and he suggested to visit this forum. i have applied the example of design BPSK that used AD835. i have tried…

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    i am using AD835 for making BPSK modulator. I am using schematic amplitude modulator, whether it can produce BPSK signals? My input signal is digital. because I tried it, did not produce a BPSK signal. is there any suggestions?



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    W = (X1– X2)(Y1–Y2)/U+ Z   请问式中的U是什么,AD835好像没有管脚U的,为什么要加Z,不明白。

  • RE: AD835 related

    Thanks. I have another question: I wasn't able to find a spice model for AD835 on the website. Is there any early edition or crude model that emulates the performance of AD835?

  • RE: how can i cancel AD835 out offset

    I can use the Z' input pin to calibrate and compensate the Voso. but  how can i cancel AD835 input offset, such as Vosix, Vosiy.

    and In my application, i use AD835 to get a*b, which a and b all are AC, which is 60kHz.

    Thank you.