• The Amplitude of The Result of AD835(AD835乘积的幅度问题)

    InputX: Sine,1Vpp,different frequencies from 1MHz to 50MHz。

    InputY: DC, 1V;

    OutputW: Sine 1.157Vpp while X is 1M. Sine 987mVpp while X is 10M. Sine 397mVpp while X is 50M.

    OutputW from Out1 in picture.

    The response of amplitude with frequency is more…

  • AD835

    W = (X1– X2)(Y1–Y2)/U+ Z   请问式中的U是什么,AD835好像没有管脚U的,为什么要加Z,不明白。

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  • AD835 operation

    HI all, (Hope this is the right place for my question).

    I have problems in working of AD835. I have built my circuit as given in fig 20 of the datasheet and I am using 500Khz sine wave for both the inputs.  I have externally connected 100 ohm resistors…

  • AD835 problem

    Greetings to All,

    Unexpectedly I've faced a problem with Analog Devices IC. I'm hoping for your help.
    To test the circuit I use two signals: 40 MHz at X1 input, 1kHz at Y1 input. Both signals are single ended and fed through a series capacitors…

  • AD835

    hi engineer,

    i want to function ad835 as a multiplier. i want to make this component to produce BPSK Signal. i had a discussion with Mr. Neil and he suggested to visit this forum. i have applied the example of design BPSK that used AD835. i have tried…

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    i am using AD835 for making BPSK modulator. I am using schematic amplitude modulator, whether it can produce BPSK signals? My input signal is digital. because I tried it, did not produce a BPSK signal. is there any suggestions?



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  • 求助ad835

    本人按照ad835 datasheet上经典AM电路,在面包板上搭出来后输出端始终为0,无论怎么改变载波的频率幅度,始终不出现,想问问这到底是什么问题?本人用两块ad835芯片实验过。

  • AD835 Differential Inputs


    I am looking at using an AD835 multiplier as a voltage controlled attenuator.  I see on the data sheet it shows clipping at just over 1V on each input with the other input held at 1V.  I have a DC signal that is 3V.  If I set the other input to 50mV…