• AD8349 IQ inputs

    I had a question regarding the IBBP/IBBN and QBBP/QBBN input levels as the datasheet seems to contradict itself. The pin descriptions on page six (or page 15) state that the differential inputs:

    • Must be biased to 400 mV
    • 600 mV p-p on each pin
  • EVAL-AD8349 material

    I wander the EVAL-AD8349 evaluation board material ,is it FR4 or Rogers material , I can't make sure that if the FR4 material board can go 2.4 GHz

    signal well.In the meanwhile,I used FR4 material at a two layer board to operate AD8349,finding it too…

  • AD8349 input LO signal

    I want to ask the input LO signal is best -6dBm , but I wonder is this -6dBm means the initial single-end -6dBm or each pin -6dBm of difference signals.

    in the meanwhile, how the LO difference signals do into the AD8349 chip,first add two difference signals…

  • ADF4360-3 leakage into AD8349 inputs

    I'm observing LO leakage into the inputs (pins 1 & 2 and 15 & 16) of an AD8349 modulator in a direct conversion transmitter (tuned to 942.8 MHz).  The analog inputs to the modulator originate from an AD9763 DAC with a low-pass anti-aliasing…

  • ADL5385/5382 vs AD8349/8347

    What is the main difference between these two RF quadrature modulator?

    Comparing the noise figure, IIP3, it seems ADL5382/5385/5375 solution have more SNR advantage over the other. Is it true?

  • AD8349的载波抑制问题


  • 如何实现AD9958和AD8349的接口电路,试了好久没有实现SSB。


  • 请问I/Q正交调制器AD8346与AD8349可以用于单I或单Ql输入吗?


  • ADF4360-1 output phase

    Is the two output:RFAout and RFBout the differencial signals?Is the two signals' phase difference 180 deg ?

    Or they are actually in-phase signals?

    I have tried it to find they are of same phase,so it confused me a lot ,because the ADF4630-1 is directly…

  • What is the difference between a modulator and a vector modulator?

    The circuit description for the quadrature modulators seems to be the same for the vector modulators. As an example compare the AD8349 modulator with the AD8341 vector modulator. Both split the RF input with a 90 degree difference, then independently…