• AD8348 DC Operation

    I'd like the AD8348 to work down at DC.  The datasheet gives some information, but it's not entirely clear.  Is there an application note or an example circuit somewhere that goes into more details?  Specifically I want to know what to do with the…

  • ADI's Demodulator : AD8348 & ADRF6806


    關於AD8348 demodulator中的LO輸入端,此LO頻率與相位的同步(與發射端LO的頻率與相位同步)

    是使用者需要自行製作carrier recovery的電路, 或是於AD8348中有電路會自動修正頻率與相位的誤差,


    同上,ADRF6806 demodulators with integrated LO 這顆demodulator 其中也有LO輸入端

    是否使用者不需要考慮carrier recovery的問題…

  • AD8348 with added baseband gain

    I say you chaps...

    I've added two LNA (MAX2634 - sorry!) and active filters with gain at baseband. It's a tough one to keep stable!

    A SPICE model for the AD8348 would have been nice, to check the bias. I have built it, it does work, -100dBm…

  • AD8348 impedance matching spec?

    We are trying to get a board designed for a new product prototype, and ran into some questions with the AD8348 I/Q downconverter.

    This device states that it has a 200 ohm input and recommends a minimum loss L-pad consisting of a 57 and 174 ohm resistor…

  • AD8348 IF Input Modification


        I'm writing to ask about suggestions on AD8348 IF Input Modification. Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.

        What I got now is an AD8348IF evaluation board. In the AD8348 manual (page 23), it is said that "When the IF input is chosen…

  • AD8348 I/Q outputs driving AD8345

    Can the AD8348 baseband outputs, with 2K minimum load impedance specified, directly drive the high impedance I and Q inputs of the AD8345?

  • AD8348-EVALZ mixing to zero-IF.

    I'm hoping that this is just a newbie mistake, but I have been unable to get a credible signal out of the AD8348-EVALZ.

    Two cases.  Both are intended to mix to Zero IF.

    The first has harmonics picked out of a signal with narrow (SAW) bandpass filters…

  • AD8348, DC operation (phase & amplitude detection)


    I would like to use AD8348 as a phase & amplitude detection. However, I couldn't get the DC values from IOPN, IOPP, QOPP, QOPN. It always spit out the down converted frequency (ex: LO-400MHz  IF-210MHz  then down-converted frequency - 10MHz…

  • DC Phase Detection with AD8348-EVALZ Board

    I am trying to use the AD8348 evaluation board to detect the phase of a sinusoidal input signal, but have not been able to do so. I would really appreciate it if someone could help pinpoint what I am doing wrong.

    My steps were the following:

    1. Connected…

  • Simulating model of AD8347/AD8348 for ADISimRF

    Hi Dear Sire,

    Need help to simulating AD8348/AD8347 with ADISimRF. Do you have any existing model for that? I expect it would be a model of VGA, modulature, VGA, etc. am I right?