• AD8347 Vcom Pin.


    Please tell us the details about absolute maximum ratings of VCMO Pin of AD8347.

    I want to connect the VCMO pin and GND.

    Best regard

  • Ad8347 I/Q output


    I have just started to use AD8347 and there are some question regarding the I/Q output from AD8347. As far as I understand, we can represent the I/Q in such equation :



    and the phase can be obtained by arctangent demodulation…

  • AD8347 VGIN pin

    I am using the AD8347 as a mixer to downconvert a RF signal. However, I am operating the chip without using the AGC and the baseband amplifiers, thus my output signals are coming out from the IMXO and QMXO pins. According to the datasheet, it is suggested…

  • AD8347's Gain Control

    Hello everyone!

    I am wondering what  AD8347's AGC mode is. Other words, if I want to control the gain by the external voltage (connecting VGIN pin to the external voltag) instead of internal circuit, what should I do with VAGC pin. Can I just leave it…

  • AD8347 Lower Band Operation

    Does anyone have any idea whether or not the AD8347 I/Q Demodulator might still operate at 600 MHz?

    I fully realize the part isn't specified for that band but was hoping that there might be enough residual operation for it to work in my application.…

  • ADCLK944, ADL5385 & AD8347


    I have a design which uses a ADCLK944 to provide fanout for local oscillator to two AD8347's and two AD5385's in the frequency range 900-2200MHz and all powered at 3.3V. All of the components are on one PCB and maximum track length is around 60mm…

  • AD8347 mixer loading


    I have some questions in regard to the device:

    1. In non-AGC mode, does he need to place a protection device (PIN diode/limiter) on the input to the mixed to prevent damage to the output of the mixe?
    2. If he'll use a filter on MXO pins (200 Ohm…
  • AD8347 Baseband Frequency Limitiation?

    Using the AD8347 in a direct down conversion (Zero IF) application.

    2.4 GHz to basband with a 9600 bps data rate.

    Not seeing output as expected. Is there a frequency limitation to the baseband output (some minimum ?)?


  • AD8347 OOK demodulation

    We are using AD8347 to demodulate an OOK signal, at a rate of several x100 Hz. The purpose is a radar-like application. The signal of a VCO at 2.4 GHz is split, half is fed to the LO of AD8347 and half is fed to the TX path and modulated with OOK. The…

  • AD8347 Eval board

    Hey I am using AD8347 for my project. I want to know does evaluation board contains only the demodulator or does it provide the ADC Low noise amplifier to test the IC capability entirely? I couldn't find the entire schematic of the board on site