• AD8346 θJC

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    θJC @ AD8346 is available ?

    And Maximum Junction Temperature ?

    (θJA : 125°C/W @ Absolute Maximum Ratings)

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  • AD8346

    I'd like to use the AD8346 IQ mod with single ended I and Q baseband inputs. Due to size constraints, I do not have the space to use either a transformer or single ended to differential amplifier. What I'd like to do is bias up all the pins to the proper…

  • AD9761 + AD8346


    My design is about a SAR system and I want to control the output of the I&Q Modulator (AD8346) using the AD9761. I have done the same schematic as the figure 28 of the AD8346's datasheet and the idea is to control the DAC's with an Arduino Micro…

  • AD8346使用疑问









  • IQ Modulator HMC495 or AD8346


    Hi All,

    I have the Eval Board for the HMC495 Device. Please see the attached file for the clarification I require.

  • IQ Modulator AD8346 Baseband Signal Waveform.

    Hi All,

    Can somebody send me the screenshot or plot of the Baseband input Signal for AD8346 ?

    I wish to make sure what I have understood from the Datasheet is correct.

  • AD8346的输入电压范围

    贵公司AD8346器件手册上写到“Wide dynamic input range 100 μV rms to 3 V rms (8.5 V p-p) full-scale input range Larger inputs with external scaling”,上面注明改变器件外围配置可以提高输入电压的范围,是否可以将器件配置如贵公司官网“http://www.analog.com/cn/technical-articles/simple-circuit…

  • ad8346最大工作结温


  • FAQ: Can AD8346 be operated at frequencies below 800 MHz?

    Question: FAQ: Can AD8346 be operated at frequencies below 800 MHz?

    Answer: For starters, there is only one good reason to try and use the AD8346 at frequencies below its specified 800 MHz minimum. And that reason is the fact that the device has…

  • AD8346输入交流信号隔离的问题

    使用类似AD8346的RMS to DC芯片检测交流信号电压有效值芯片,若被测信号接大地,是否需要对被测信号做隔离,若需要的话,怎样做才合适呢,谢谢!