• AD8346

    I'd like to use the AD8346 IQ mod with single ended I and Q baseband inputs. Due to size constraints, I do not have the space to use either a transformer or single ended to differential amplifier. What I'd like to do is bias up all the pins to the proper…

  • AD9761 + AD8346


    My design is about a SAR system and I want to control the output of the I&Q Modulator (AD8346) using the AD9761. I have done the same schematic as the figure 28 of the AD8346's datasheet and the idea is to control the DAC's with an Arduino Micro…

  • AD8346 θJC

    Hi all,

    θJC @ AD8346 is available ?

    And Maximum Junction Temperature ?

    (θJA : 125°C/W @ Absolute Maximum Ratings)

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  • FAQ: Can AD8346 be operated at frequencies below 800 MHz?

    Question: FAQ: Can AD8346 be operated at frequencies below 800 MHz?

    Answer: For starters, there is only one good reason to try and use the AD8346 at frequencies below its specified 800 MHz minimum. And that reason is the fact that the device has…

  • AD8346使用疑问









  • AD8346输入交流信号隔离的问题

    使用类似AD8346的RMS to DC芯片检测交流信号电压有效值芯片,若被测信号接大地,是否需要对被测信号做隔离,若需要的话,怎样做才合适呢,谢谢!

  • RE: ADL5375 BB biasing level

    I would suggest not going beyond +/-100 mV. You may want to think about building a level shifting network. There is an example of such a network that level shifts upwards on page 12 of the AD8346 Rev. A datasheeet (Fig 28). You would need to adapt this…

  • Doubts on direct frequency conversion

    Good morning,

          I  am designing the conversion stage of frequencies of a radio link and  wondered what the advantages or disadvantages of using the direct conversion of frequencies for broadband signals using vector modulators AD8345 and A…
  • RE: ADF4118 support


    It is not finish today.

    I use my old Arduino test software (for ADF4110) to send the values in the latches

    for the moment, Pll is not locked.

    I have a question :

    Latches are 21 bits long, I have three solutions:

    1/ in a loop sequence, check…