• AD8345 I/Q Modulator Instability

    We have three manual phase shifter modules as lab equipment. These were an in-house development using I/Q modulator AD8345.  The I/Q inputs are DC levels from dual TxDAC AD9761 with 0.1% resistors; the programming is from a sin/cosine table and is fully…

  • Baseband phase error problem about AD8345


    I am using a custom AD8345 board to generate SSB signals.

    The IQ frequency I want is about a few kHz to a few tens of kHz. I use 15 kHz as the test frequency.

    If I drive the IQ inputs in quadrature, the output sideband rejection is rather poor…

  • AD8348 I/Q outputs driving AD8345

    Can the AD8348 baseband outputs, with 2K minimum load impedance specified, directly drive the high impedance I and Q inputs of the AD8345?

  • AD8345 Pout vs. Vinbb Transfer Function

    Question: Why does is the transfer function of the AD8345 (SSB Pout vs. Baseband Differential Input Voltage) not a straight line? Shouldn't the gain of the device be constant vs. input level.  Also as the baseband input level doubles from 0.5Vpp…

  • AD8345/6/9 (+simple DAC) acting as phase shifter

    Ispired by a relatively old paper titled

    "Low Cost Electronically Steered Antenna and Receiver System for Mobile Satellite Communications"

    and attached, I was wondering if it would be possible to use the AD8346 as phase shifter for GPS.

  • Does LO input on AD8345 drive the RF frequency of the output?

    I know this may sound like an elementary question, but I am trying to modulate a 2kHz signal at 150MHz.  If I supply the LO input with a 150MHz input, will the AD8345 give a modulated signal at the 150MHz?  I want to assume so, but at the same time you…

  • IQ Modulator 8345(Help Requried)

    Dear enash,

                    how r u.i am  doing work on iq modulator AD8345 and single to differential converter AD8138.i want to connect AD8138 with AD8345. my input frequency to AD8138 is 10Mhz and to AD8345 is 352MHz and i want a 342MHz signal at the output of…

  • AD9777: Modulating the bandwidth

    I would like to know if is it possible to use AD9777's Direct-IF option so that
    DAC signal output would be 100-120 MHz (communication signal bandwidth)? This
    would be achieved by upconverting 30-50 MHz band with 70 MHz (Direct-IF?)
  • RE: Need FM Transceiver

    Dear Sai

    You may consider ADL5385 and AD8345. Please refer to below link for performance table.




  • AD8132: Best way to drive baseband inputs, improve LO leakage

            1. The data sheet is specificity for a Vout = 2 Vp-p, I suppose that
    Vout=Vocm, then if I'll want to have 2 Vp-p at out, I'll must drive 2Vp-p at
    the Vocm input. But I don't know what is the value of -IN and +IN inputs.