• AD8343

    I'm looking to find s-parameters for this device.

    I'm trying to use it at f RF~1500 MHz



  • RE: AD8343 - at low frequency

    Hi Étienne,

    Sorry for not getting on this sooner. I believe you have done all the right things. Having AD8343 operate down to such low IF is as challanging as you have seen. AD8342 should be a much better choice for your application, particularly as…

  • RE: 1-30MHz upconverting mixer

    Hi, Bernard,

    Regarding the AD8343, I meant to say that

        "The inputs have a low differential impedance of 5.6 ohms"


  • Can I please get s2p  files of AD8367, AD8676 and S3P  file of AD8343

    Can I please get s2p  files of AD8367, AD8676 and S3P  file of AD8343.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • RE: 关于AD8343的S参数仿真


    对于AD8343 S参数模型,解释如下,供您参考。

    The S2P file provides differential impedance measurements. The S2P port assignments are as follows:


      Port 1: differential input
      Port 2: differential output

    In most cases the 2-port data will be all you'll…

  • AD 8343 issues

    Dear Analog Devices Community,

    have sampled some of your AD8343 high IP3 active mixers and want to integrate
    one of them now in my circuit design as a multiplier. For impedance matching
    you provide a S-parameter file, but I cannot figure out at which…

  • AD8343 S参数


  • RE: HMC915 Replacement


    The closest alternative is the AD8342 and AD8343 but they have different footprints.  It appears Arrow Electronics still has some HMC915LP4E in stock.



  • An issue about AD8343

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using AD8343, and I wonder what parameter I should test for the mixer module, and corresponding method.


  • AD8343 - at low frequency - Again!

    In AD8343's datasheet, it states DC-to-2.5GHz. But the example with the lowest frequency is 150MHz input. Then how to make it work at low frequency? Such as  RF = 40kHz, LO = 30KHz? Is it possible?  How to bias the output? Apparently with RFC biasing…