• RE: AD8343

    Hi Grn,

    The s-parameters file is available on AD8343's product webpage:




  • AD8343 - at low frequency - Again!

    In AD8343's datasheet, it states DC-to-2.5GHz. But the example with the lowest frequency is 150MHz input. Then how to make it work at low frequency? Such as  RF = 40kHz, LO = 30KHz? Is it possible?  How to bias the output? Apparently with RFC biasing…

  • AD8343 - at low frequency

    Hi all,

    I am using the AD8343 (frequency mixer DC - 2.5 GHz) for a 2 stages mixer. The first stage is a 640MHz + 400MHz -> 240MHz and is working well. The second stage is a 240 MHz + 242 MHz -> 2 MHz so it brings high-frequency signal to "normal" low…

  • AD8343 S参数


  • An issue about AD8343

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using AD8343, and I wonder what parameter I should test for the mixer module, and corresponding method.


  • Directly interface AD8343 to differential amplifier

    The datasheet says the output should DC biased to VPOS. I wonder if I can directly connect them to a differential amplifier such AD8421 without biasing.


  • AD8343 for 6 MHz frequency mixing


    I have an application that requires taking the difference of two differential 6 MHz frequencies. I am considering using the AD8343. The application is for a test instrument. I would hope for output resolution of the difference in the Hz range. Is…

  • Question Re: AD8343 S-Parameter Data

    Hi all,

    I've been trying for some time to figure out how to use the AD8343 (first time trying anything RF, actually), and I just wanted to verify a few things. I've been using the S-Parameter file supplied by AD to do impedance matching (using LVDS data…

  • 测试AD8343单个模块问题

    请问  测量单个AD8343混频器模块 主要测量哪些参数以及测试的方法

  • 关于AD8343的S参数仿真