• AD8342 input matching

    The AD8342 mixer has input impedance of 1K ohm. We would like to connect RF signal (220 MHz) to the input port from a 50 ohm SMA connector.

    So can we directly connect this SMA to RFinput pin using shunt resistor this pin. Will the only degradation be…

  • 【求助】关于AD8342


    ADI网站上标出的值为LF to 2400MHz,手册上写支持到3GHz



  • AD8342 LO  Input Impedance @ PWDN

    Hi all,

    The AD8342 LO Input Impedance @ PWDN mode is Hi-z or 50 ohm?
    and LO Input min Level ,range ?

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  • AD8342 RF input absolute maximum rating


    The AD8342 datasheet sets an absolute maximum rating of 12dBm at RF input.

    We drive the AD8342 with an amplifier that has a compression point around 20dBm.

    In our design there is power monitoring and variable attenuation before the AD8342.

    We cant…

  • AD8342 - insufficient Input-P1dB ?


    We are using AD8342 as an up-conversion mixer in a test board we designed. From the measurements of the mixer, it shows insufficient input compression point. Here are few details of interest:

    • RF-Input: 700 MHz
    • LO Freq: 1700 MHz
    • IF-Out…
  • About AD8342 LO frequency range


    I want to know the LO frequency range of ad8342, can anyone help me?

    Thanks very much!

  • The function of AD8342-EVALZ-ND

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I just bought the AD8342-EVALZ-ND and I read the data sheet of AD8342 which said that it could be used as both down-converter and up-converter. I want to make sure that if AD8342-EVALZ-ND can also be used as both a down-converter and an…

  • Minimum RF input power for AD8342


    What is the minimum RF input power for AD8342 to give an clear IF output? Does this specification exist?

    If not, based on the condition below, how low the RF input can go?

    RF frequency: 1GHz

    LO frequency: 1.0001GHz (0dBm)

    IF frequency: 100K…

  • AD8342 maximum single ended input?

    What is the maximum signal level that can be applied to the AD8324 with a single ended input configuration as shown in figure 26 of the datasheet?

    I'd like to apply a 455 KHz sine wave with an amplitude of 1.5V pk-pk if possible.

  • regarding max frequency level of ad8342

    we are using ad 8342 rf mixer for upconverter , please suggest us schematic and max  output frequency that we can use for up conversion .