• RE: ad8342 mixing stopped happening

    Very late response.. already done that..

  • RE: AD831 vs AD8342 vs LTC5562 conversion phase


    You could try wider band on AD831 but we didn't characterize the part for wider band so could not guarantee the performance. 

    You could try to increase the LO power see if it could improve the phase gap but I believe this is a more intrinsic spec…

  • RE: input impedance of AD8342 EVB


    Attached is the latest schematic for the EVB. It's very similar to the figure 53, target for broadband application. You probably need to add the 100ohm between RFCM and RFIN ports. The return loss degrades as frequency increases.



  • AD8342

    Hi Analog Devicians,

    Can i get the .lib file for AD8342 (RF mixer) component which will be compatible with Agilent's ADS simulation software. Thanks  

  • AD8342 bandwidth


    Does AD8342 mixer support up/down-conversion of time-domain pulses with bandwidth >  500 MHz?


  • AD8342 θjc


    θjc of AD8342ACPZ-REEL7(16-Lead LFCSP_WQ) is available ?

    Best regards,

  • RE: AD8342 RF input absolute maximum rating


    20dBm will be too much for the chip. Please operate as suggested in AMR table. Exceeding the power level will damage the mixing core and we cannot guarantee the performance and lifespan under such condition. The right way to interpret the AMR table…

  • AD8342 question

    Hi Sir,

    One of my customer meet an issue in using AD8342 and it needs your help to suggest which direction we could try to solve the problem,

    Component; ADF4351(central frequency 44MHz, the bandwidth 8MHz and -40dB)  ,AD9857(489MHz and 0dB) ,   AD8342…

  • AD8342 s-parameters?

    Hello I will use this mixer, is there a s-param file to simulate?


  • mixer AD8342 in Baseband

    Hi I would like to use this mixer ( AD8342) to use th IF port with a baseband signal with a bit rate of 9600 bauds

    Is it possible to do this. because I used the evaluation board, applying th IF port adaptation as in Figure 59 (Low frequency application…