• AD8342 conversion gain


    The data sheet shows that the conversion gain of the AD8342 depends on the output load. But table 6 on page 16 of the data sheet shows that the conversion gain is also related to the input shunt resistance. How to calculate the conversion gain…

  • conversion gain of AD8342


    As the datasheet show(page 18),the conversion gain of the AD8342 depends on the Rload,

    as the datasheet show(page 16),The conversion gain seems to be related to the input shunt resistance.

    What does the conversion gain of the AD8342 relate to?

  • ad8342 mixing stopped happening

    We have two Eval boards of AD8342, both of them are having issues as follows

    1. First board: We have been using the AD8342 Eval board since a while, it was working fine. We are using the default configuration of eval board, using single ended IF, balun…

  • AD831 vs AD8342 vs LTC5562 conversion phase


    I'm looking for a mixer that the conversion phase gap must be small between different RF input power.

    For example, AD831 conversion phase gap between RF input -20dBm & -40dBm is about less than 0.1 degree, but AD8342 & LTC5562 are about more than…

  • AD8342 bandwidth


    Does AD8342 mixer support up/down-conversion of time-domain pulses with bandwidth >  500 MHz?


  • input impedance of AD8342 EVB


    The schematic of AD8342 in Figure 61 of datasheet includes R5 = 100 Ohms for resistive input termination. It seems in the actual EVB, this resistor does not exist and without that, S11 is very bigger than -10 dB. Is it true that the input of AD8342…

  • AD8342 RF input absolute maximum rating


    The AD8342 datasheet sets an absolute maximum rating of 12dBm at RF input.

    We drive the AD8342 with an amplifier that has a compression point around 20dBm.

    In our design there is power monitoring and variable attenuation before the AD8342.

    We cant…

  • regarding max frequency level of ad8342

    we are using ad 8342 rf mixer for upconverter , please suggest us schematic and max  output frequency that we can use for up conversion .

  • AD8342 Single-Ended Output


    I need a single-ended 50 ohm IF output from AD8342. The IF impedance of AD8342 is 10K ohm.

    After IF stage I have 50-ohm matched RF amplifier and rest of the system is also matched to 50-ohm impedance.

    May I just use 2:1 impedance ratio transformer…

  • AD8342 θjc


    θjc of AD8342ACPZ-REEL7(16-Lead LFCSP_WQ) is available ?

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