• RE: 模拟乘法器AD834

    AD834可以支持 DC到 500MHz的信号频率范围

    ADL5391与AD834功能基本相同,ADL5391增加了一个乘法系数 和 Z 

  • Use AD834 for a wideband analog multiplier

    Dear all

    My circuit design is followed analog devices suggestion(see as attachment 1 Fig.13)

    And It said its bandwidth is about 480MHz.

    What I need is a analog multiplier which transfer function W-output=Input1(t)*Input2(t).

    And the bandwidth over…

  • 有关乘法器AD834的问题




  • 关于混频器AD834发烫问题的测试




  • How to use a Balun at the Output of the Op Amp AD834


      I'm working on an project in an university lab, in which I'm trying to use op amp AD834 to multiply a alternated square wave (-0.25 V and 0.25 volts are its peak values) by a sinusoidal current (-2.5 Amperes and 2.5 Amperes are its peak values…

  • RE: -1/Vin function with multiplier or divider chip

    Hi Monse,

    I was looking on some of our multipliers/dividers product and found a few devices that can cater your supply rails requirements. AD834, AD835,  AD538 and AD539 however, there are no exact configuration on how to achieve your transfer function…

  • RE: Use AD835 for analog multiplier

    Dear js

    Thanks for your reply and explanation.

    But I have two question further.

    1.Do you mean this IC(AD835) have the ability to accomplished this transform?

    2.Do this circuit(basic operation without any other electric elements)can accomplished my…

  • Problems in True-RMS circuit

    I have four circuit for rms measurment, but all of them are not working correct. I use multisim 14 for modeling, i am sure, that have a one proble, for this curciuts. In my mind a correct schematic for RMS should have a voltage more them some piko wa…

  • RE: Using AD835 as a Squaring Circuit

    Hello Janmay,

    Just to be sure, it seems you have changed devices from the AD834 to an AD835. These devices are quite different, did you make the change, or might this be a typo?

    Let's assume youre using the AD835. If you've installed the filter as described…