• Spice Model of AD8338 with AGC

    I  am trying to simulate AD8338 with AGC circuit, but the Spice Model in Analog Device does not model AGC circuit of AD8338. How can I include AGC circuit on Spice Model of AD8338?

    Thanks in advance!

  • AD8338

     关于AD8338的Spice模型,里面的.CIR文件并没有对MODE, DETO ,VAGC ,OFSN等引脚的描述,之前看到有人问这个问题,但是能不能加上??

  • AD8338

    I have been trying to simulate AD8338 on ADS using the spice model given on Analog devices website for the device. Unfortunately I am having this error when I tried to simulate this circuit. The error says " ADS-syntax parser error ' <ADS netlist>', line…

  • The output of AD8338

    HI All

      I have some questions about AD8338. I use the following circuit to design AD8338,single-end input ,which is 900KHz,but the output of AD8338 has some problems as shown.

    The output signal has significant jitter.

    Can some specialists give me some…

  • The harmonic output of AD8338

    Hi ALL

         I have some questions of AD8338.I use the AD8338 to drive the ADCs.But when I use AD8338 to ampilfy the singal which is at olny 4Mhz frequency,the harmonic wave output of AD8338 is plentiful.The picture is as follow:

          When I amplify FSK signal…

  • RE: Dynamic range AD8338 single-ended input

    Hi Bob,

    When using AD8338 in single-ended input mode, it is advised that the unused pin (INMR pin) should be ac-coupled to VREF (1.5 V). By doing this you would sacrifice a little gain of AD8338. To optimize AD8338, you can use ADA4940 to convert the…

  • Logic voltage of AD8338

    Hi All

         I some questions about AD8338.What is the logic voltage of AD8338?Is it 3V or 5V? Can it drive the ADCs that mainly adopt 5V logic voltage such as AD9224.Thanks for all reply.

  • AD8338 in audio applications

    Can the AD8338 be used in audio applications?


    Depending on the performance needs of the audio design, the AD8338 may be of
    limited use in audio applications. With typical high-pass corners of 200Hz, it
    falls outside of the typical audio…
  • I'm operating the AD8338 at 5.0V, why is the reference still 1.5V?

    I’m operating the AD8338 at 5.0V, why is the reference still 1.5V?


    The internal bandgap reference for the AD8338 is set to 1.5V and is not
    ratiometric to the supply. This reference is used for all stages of the VGA’s
    internal blocks…
  • Can I DC couple the Ad8338?

    Can I DC couple the Ad8338?


    While it is not recommended, the AD8338 can be DC coupled. However, offset
    nulling must be disabled, and any offset correction will need to be managed by
    the designer.