• RE: AGC with AD8338

    Hi rookie1,

    Yes, the AD8338 input referred noise voltage (G = 0dB) is 150nV/RtHz (a large number compared to generic op amps in the 10's of nV/RtHz range worst case) which would result in a rather large NF.

    Here is what I calculate for NF assuming…

  • RE: Ask questions about AD8338

    Hi Jerry,

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    Setting the AD8338 to differential configuration is preferable. However, you may set AD8338 for single-ended configuration. Setting it to single-ended will have an impact on both gain and distortion.

    If you set it to single-ended input…

  • RE: ad8338 spice model


    Seems the issue that been raised is already answered.
    Thank you for brining this up on this community and collaborating with the team.

    We'll consider this thread as close.


  • RE: AD8338 AGC Design

    Hi Rookie1,

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    Can you confirm if C11 is not shorted on your board? It seems that C11 is shorted on your schematic. Also, what voltage are you supplying at VAGC pin?

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  • RE: AD8338 VGA Phase Shift

    Hi Fossil,

    Good day! Sorry for the late response.

    We have a group delay graph on figure 11 of the datasheet. However, it is set at 0.6V VGain which is 40dB. I will perform an evaluation at 80dB and will get back to you as soon as I have the result.

  • AD8338

    What is the noise factor of ad8338?

  • AD8338

    I have been trying to simulate AD8338 on ADS using the spice model given on Analog devices website for the device. Unfortunately I am having this error when I tried to simulate this circuit. The error says " ADS-syntax parser error ' <ADS netlist>', line…

  • AD8338

     关于AD8338的Spice模型,里面的.CIR文件并没有对MODE, DETO ,VAGC ,OFSN等引脚的描述,之前看到有人问这个问题,但是能不能加上??

  • AD8338 offset null

    I have an application where I am feeding the AD8338 inputs with a differential signal centered around VREF. The board space is limited so I prefer not to AC couple the inputs. The input signal therefore has a small differential DC offset of some tens…

  • AD8338 LTSpice Question


    I imported the AD8338 spice model directly from the product page onto LTSpice and when I try to simulate a frequency response plot where I want to see the Gain (dB) Vs Frequency (Hz) plot. I get this error :

    "ERROR: Node U1:VSLEW is floating and connected…