• AD8337 supply

    I'm trying to simulate on LTSPICE an AGC loop made by components whose supply is 3.3V max. After discovered here that my original choice for VGA, AD8330, has convergence problems on LTSPICE, I found interesting for me the AD8337 component, whose supply…

  • AD8337 Simulation

    I tried to simulate AD8337 with it's model provided in ADI website. But in the Orcad 16.6 PSpice,I get error ERROR(ORPSIM-16366): Line too long. Limit is 132 characters.

    How can I run the simulation smoothly?

  • What is the (noninverting) input impedance of AD8337?

    What is the (noninverting) input impedance of AD8337?

    And another question: someone has asked about its dynamic range, and got a detailed answer, but in the end it claimed:

    "3. The AD8337 was developed and characterized as a differential-output…

  • what is the output dynamic range of AD8337?

    Hi, how could i get the spec the output dynamic range of AD8337 in its datasheet? thanks.

  • AD8337 package and footprint

    Good afternoon,

    I'm looking for the package and footprint of the AD8337 VGA to be used in Altium Designer. At this moment, I'm not able to find any library that contains this component. Is there any way to obtain this?

    Thank you very much

  • AD8337: How to attach EPAD?

    The AD8337 has an exposed heatsink pad on the underside of the package. However, the datasheet doesn't say anything about how to connect this on the PCB. Should I connect it to GND, VSS, or what? What are the internal connections for this pad?

  • AD8337 Spice model on webpage is old Rev A model.

    The spice model file that is linked on AD8337 web page has many errors and is
    REV.A from 2011 although your website labels the file  as REV.B from 2012.
    Could you please send me the correct spice file please or replace the linked
  • AD8336_working at single 5V power supply

    Can AD8336 can be powered by single supply power, if it's OK, then how can I
    connect Vcom? Do I connect Vcom to mid supply?


    The AD8336 can be used with a single supply. For a preliminary reference, look
    at figure 82 in the AD8337…
  • RE: 请求推荐1款VGA芯片

    thank you!

    two AD8337s seem not to meet my gain request.I need gain range -20db ~ 40db(60db total),but the two AD8337s in serial only have

    gain range 0db ~ 48db(48db total).Right?The attachment is the analog part of my design.I want to use ADI chips…

  • RE: AD9833 Output Voltage Variation

    Hi Kazu,

    Im sorry but you cannot equalize as there is not direct access to the DAC.

    Being said that, you could compensate the effect, an even get a pretty flat transfer function, by using the AD8337 in series.

    Best Regards,