• AD8336 with ADISimPE

    Original Question: AD8336 with ADISimPE by elp95adc

    I'm trying to simulate a circuit with the  AD8336 variable Gain Amplifier.  I’ve downloaded the SPICE file from AD, and used the ADISimPE to create macros file.  It seems that the AD8336.cir file…

  • Coupling of LTC6268-10 and AD8336

    Dear Enigeer!

       My purpose is to amplify the current signal generated by APD into a voltage signal through a two-stage amplifier. The first stage amplifier is going to use ltc6268-10 to amplify the current signal into a voltage signal, and the second stage…

  • RE: Using the pre amp of AD8336 as a differential to single ended amplifier

    Hi Memet,

    why did you offer this? you prefer this rather than resistive pi type attenuator?

    No, this does not apply to the input part. This is just one of the possible ways to nulling the offset that I invented and suggested. It does not have…

  • AD8336 spice model is not working

    Original Question: AD8336 spice model is not working by sshetty640


    While simulating in ltspice using analog devices provided spice model, Pre-amplifier part of AD8336 is working. But the VGA is not working. No output is observed in the Vout pin. Please…

  • Negative power supply/regulator for the AD8336

    Hello all,

    Could you please suggest to me a suitable power supply or any of Analog Devices' voltage regulator suitable to generate the required +/-3-12V for the AD8336? I will be using the AD8336 as a Variable Gain Amplfier before a Fixed Gain Amplifier…

  • RE: GBP and PSRR

    I have known that you answered the second question, the PSRR of AD8336 is -40dB, to many op-amps, such as ad829, his PSRR is bigger than 0dB, AD8336’s PSRR is smaller than 0dB, that means if the voltage of power changed within 1V, then the output changed…

  • AD8336 spice-running on microcap


    When trying to run the AD8336 on MC11  I got the error:


    Error: Node GNEG from subckt AD8336 does not match any defined pin name for this part.

    Part: X1.

    Does some one can help?



  • AD8336的PSpice仿真


  • RE: Programmable Gain Amplifier?

    Perhaps the same approach, but using the AD8336.  This has dual supplies.  Would this work out for you?