• AD8336;AD8336 model


    The picture is about the circuit diagram of AD8336, but there was an error in the simulation, I don't know why?I tried to reproduce the resulting circuit diagram, but I still got the same error.I guess there is something wrong with the model on…

  • AD8336: EVB header

    I have a question about AD8336's EVALZ Schematic. What's the function of VOUTL
    and VOUTD in the schematic of evaluation board? They seems like jumpers. (See
    attached Figure1).


    The VOUTL and VOUTD are 2-pin headers. We use P6247…
  • AD8336


    as per data sheet of AD8336, it is used with + AND - Power supply

    my question is:

    can we use AD8336 , with single supply any thing from +5vdc TO +12vdc...

    We want to make AGC circuit 


    yogesh singhal

  • AD8336 Datasheet error in figure 77

    In the AD8336 datasheet, page 20, figure 77 (simplified block diagram showing
    depeaking capacitor),
    Rfb1 is connected between GND and PRAO. Is that correct? I would assume the
    connection to be between INPN and GND.


    The connection should be INPN…

  • RE: About error with AD8336 model in LTspice

    Dann, Naohisa,

    The .cir file you're referencing is likely downloaded directly from the AD8336 page? However, a newer file is available from this Q&A forum here: AD8336 Simulation in PSPICE Issues
    The .cir from this link fixes the "np" issue you…

  • AD8336

    Hi to everyone,

    I'm an electronic engineering student, I'm trying to simulate the model in the object in transient analysis but, even if I downloaded the model you published as answer to previuos discussions, I'm still getting the problem "Node U1:U4_N24227…

  • AD8336


  • RE: AD8336 VGA. I need a working tested Spice model that works with LTSpice.

    I never got a reply. I had checked the reference given before posting. I wanted the simulation to check time constants in the AGC loop. In the end I did it experimentally on the PCB and it worked fine, but I like the simulation as part of the design documentation…

  • Coupling of LTC6268-10 and AD8336

    Dear Enigeer!

       My purpose is to amplify the current signal generated by APD into a voltage signal through a two-stage amplifier. The first stage amplifier is going to use ltc6268-10 to amplify the current signal into a voltage signal, and the second stage…