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  • AD8334 Frequency Responce


    I want to use AD8334 but curve of gain and frequency response ( figure-2 ) starts at 100Khz in AD8331/AD8332/AD8334 datasheet.

    Why starts at 100Khz? Can I use it under 100Khz?

    My project center frequency is 75Khz (under 100Khz).  My project includes…

  • One question from AD8334.

    Dear Sir:

    I  want to layout AD8334 on my PCB and I have one question from AD8334 as below picture.
    Pin 3,14,21,32,40,60 are NC pin ; but , The reference circuit in datasheet page
    49 only pin 3,14,21,60 connect to GND and Pin 32,40 floating . I aslo can…

  • 关于AD9252前端匹配放大电路的选择



  • Unexpected Gain with AD8334 on AD9252-50EBZ eval board

    Hello everyone, I have an AD9252-50EBZ evaluation board. The board contains two AD8334 VHF VGAs that can optionally be placed into the front-end signal path into the AD9252 ADC by changing some resistor values on the board. I've followed the directions…

  • RE: ad8334 cascading issue

    Nobody has a clue why I'm not getting the expected amplification?

  • AD8334 EVB user guide

    Where can I find AD8334 EVB User Guide, it is missing from your website/


    Please refer to the attached pdf.

    (always check www.analog.com for latest revision documentation)
  • Using the AD8334 Evaluation Board

    I'm having a problem using the AD8334. I'm using the board as is to make sure it works per the datasheet. Here is what my problem is:

    I only measure the 2.5VDC bias; my input sine wave 25MHz signal that is 10mVpk-pk, comes from an Agilent signal…

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  • AD8334 - Consequences of Exceeding the Input Voltage

         Good afternoon.  I have an A&D customer that is looking to replace the TI VCA2615.  One of the parts under consideration is the AD8334.  On page 25 of the data sheet, it states that "... the maximum input signal before saturation is ±275 mV or…