• AD8333的输入


  • No Demodulation on AD8333


    I want to Demodulate an RF Signal with the AD8333 IC. Therefore i use 2 AD8137 to generate the complementary inputs for the 4LO and the RF1 inputs. After the AD8333 i use the AD8021 for I to V conversion as suggested in the Datasheet.
    But when i…

  • AD8333 enable switching

    AD8333: Is there any limitation in frequency and duty cycle time for enable/disable the AD8333 ?

    We use the chip in a pulse doppler application and try to optimize the power consumption  without a loss of performance.

    Thanks Michael

  • AD8333 + AD9951


    I am developing a radio station: SW band (1.6 –30 MHz).

    I have the next hardware configuration:

    I have some questions:

    1) Will not high Spurious level  of AD9951 for my receiver if spurious-response rejection ratio of my receiver must be…

  • AD8333 Simulation


    My understanding of demodulators is pretty basic, so I would like some help on this. I have a carrier wave at 10MHz at 0.1 Vpeak and am trying to demodulate it (eventually it will be buried in noise). I am simulating a circuit on NI Multisim,…

  • AD8333 - AD8332 interfacing



    I am developing a SDR receiver as my bachelor thesis. I am new in hardware design.

    This is expected block schema:


    I am using SDR concept, which is based on I/Q demodulator (AD8333) for mixing RF frequency to baseband.

    Then is signal…

  • AD8333 signal level


    I have a problem with the signal distortion after quadrature demodulator (AD8333).

    After AD8331 -> signal without distortion.

    My hardware configuration:

    Below shows the waveforms after the mixer (P2 Jack).

    CH1 -  I1NO

    CH2 -  I1PO


  • AD8333: Interfacing with differential amplifier

    I use AD8333 in evaluation boards from analog devices. There is used like
    current-to-voltage (I-V) converter the AD8021 with single output. I want to use
    some current to voltage converter with differential output. Is possible use
  • Broadband signals and the AD8333


    I'm using the AD8333 to perform mixing of ultrasound transducer drive signals down to baseband in order to perform high accuracy (~12-14 bit) phase and amplitude measurements.  The drive signals are output from a switch-mode amplifier with some…

  • LO input for AD8333


    How important/mandatory it is to use LVDS driver for LO input pins of AD8333? Is there any other alternative IC or circuit that I can use instead of it? I tried using LNA with the ac coupling circuit as shown in the datasheet, but I feel that…