• AD8333

    对于AD8333的I1PO和I2PO之间有一个用虚线连接的R4OPT 以及Q1PO和Q2PO之间有一个用虚线连接的R5OPT  不知R4 R5是否要连接 如果要连接阻值是多少?(附有原理图)

  • AD8333-output


          I am implementing a bio-impedance measurement circuit using AD8333 and obtained the in-phase and quadrature output signals.My question here is that both these outputs (in terms of amplitude) always remain the same despite any changes made in…

  • LO for AD8333

    In my project I need to demodulate a signal with carrier frequency of 250kHz. Since AD8333 has a divided-by-4 LO input, I need a local oscillator of 1MHz.

    I would like to know if the Si545 component (crystal oscillator with 1MHz) could be used in this…

  • AD8333 or ADL5385

    Dear Supporter,

    We would like to choose two of Analog Device IC chips to realize the up and down conversion or IQ modem of wideband (20MHz) signals between low intermediate frequency (IF, 20MHz) and zero-IF (I/Q). Up to now we have only found AD8333…

  • AD8333 4LOP Setting


    I have questions on the AD8333 and AD9834.  I will use two AD9834(Sine wave, 75 khz ~ 100 khz). because AD8333 need 4LOP.

    First, I know that clock synchronization is important in the AD8333. I wonder if two AD9834 can share them with one main clock…

  • AD8333 + PCM4220


    I have the next  hardware configuration:

    AD8331 + AD8333 + AD8021 + Buffer + ADC (PCM4220).

    Buffer schematic:

    My device must  works with input signal level (~  - 120dBm).

    1) Tell me please, buffer  hardware configuration is optimal for matching…

  • AD8333 preamp


    is it possible to use an AD8137 as aPreamp for the AD8333.
    I simulated this scenario with LTSpice and your Models and that worked out quiete well, but in reality i don't receive good results.
    I only receive the INput Signal at the Outputs (behind…

  • Simulating AD8333

    Hello, My questions are actually basic. I am using AD8333 in my project for bioimpedance measurement. The main aim is to study the food quality using 4 electrode method (auto balancing bridge method). So I wanted to use AD8333 to extract real and imaginary…

  • EVAL-AD8333 no amplification

    Hi all,

    I am testing a EVAL-AD8333. As I understood, the evaluation board has a pre-amp (AD8332) before the demodulator stage (AD8333), which is followed by further amplification (AD8021). I ordered this as in the website is written "The board is shipped…

  • AD8333 IQ解调