• AD8332

    信号接入AD8332时会通过一个L1 120nH FB ,L1 120nH是表示电感的 而FB是表示磁珠的,我想问的是这个元件到底是电感还是磁珠?(附有原理图截图)

  • AD8332的放大问题

    AD8332其LNA在单端输入和差分输出时增益为19DB 其电压放大倍数是9倍 那么它的放大倍数能不能改变其它我想要的倍数 还是说只能是固定不变的

  • AD8332的最大可变增益放大倍数只有20dB





  • AD8333 - AD8332 interfacing



    I am developing a SDR receiver as my bachelor thesis. I am new in hardware design.

    This is expected block schema:


    I am using SDR concept, which is based on I/Q demodulator (AD8333) for mixing RF frequency to baseband.

    Then is signal…

  • AD8332 Amplifier, Is noise modeled?


    I am getting poor results trying to model noise when using the AD8332 in Orcad PSpice.  When looking at input referred noise with a shorted AC coupled input, I am seeing around a 200nV/rtHz noise floor (specs claim as low as .74nV/rtHz).  Can Analog…

  • AD8332 VGA Spice Model Gain Problem


    I am working with the AD8332 VGA spice model from Analog's website.  I know it says that all of the models are "AS-IS", but I am hoping to get someone smart with spice models to help me out.  It appears that the model does not correctly…

  • AD8332_overloading

    Hope you are well. One AD8332 question need your help. Attached is the

    Below is several waves. The Gain of AD8332 is 40dB.
    Wave C is the AD8332's LNA's Input, it's a 1MHz negative pulse, the amplitude
  • RE: Amplification and acquisition of ADG5419 output signal

    Hi Yangyulong,

    I would recommend using something like an AD8332, this part is commonly used in ultrasonic applications.  It has low front end noise and variable gain that can be adjusted with an analog voltage.  Take a look, to see if that matches up with…

  • AD8332_过载



    波形C是AD8332 LNA的输入,它是一个1MHz负脉冲,幅度为-750mV;波形B是AD8332的输出。客户不清楚为什么AD8332的输出会失真。我认为-750mV幅度超过了AD8332的输入范围+-275mV。


  • RE: AD9249 design resources

    Hi Doug,

    Thank you for your reply.
    I have already received your email and found the resources I need. I'm sure I will put it to good use. (ง •̀_•́)ง
    About the second question, I think I should study your code carefully and think about this…