• AD8332

    信号接入AD8332时会通过一个L1 120nH FB ,L1 120nH是表示电感的 而FB是表示磁珠的,我想问的是这个元件到底是电感还是磁珠?(附有原理图截图)

  • AD8332_过载



    波形C是AD8332 LNA的输入,它是一个1MHz负脉冲,幅度为-750mV;波形B是AD8332的输出。客户不清楚为什么AD8332的输出会失真。我认为-750mV幅度超过了AD8332的输入范围+-275mV。


  • RE: AD8332的最大可变增益放大倍数只有20dB

    您好, 论坛中有关AD8332的帖子及解答您可以先浏览一下。


  • DC coupling the AD8332

    Can the AD8332 be used in DC coupled application?

  • AD8332_overloading

    Hope you are well. One AD8332 question need your help. Attached is the

    Below is several waves. The Gain of AD8332 is 40dB.
    Wave C is the AD8332's LNA's Input, it's a 1MHz negative pulse, the amplitude
  • EVAL-AD8333 no amplification

    Hi all,

    I am testing a EVAL-AD8333. As I understood, the evaluation board has a pre-amp (AD8332) before the demodulator stage (AD8333), which is followed by further amplification (AD8021). I ordered this as in the website is written "The board is shipped…

  • RE: AD605&AD8332 overshoot


    I really need a schematic to offer any comment. I'm sure it is a simple schematic, but this is how we can communicate with accuracy. If it is confidential, then give a copy of the relevant parts to Eva Wang and she can send it to me only, via…

  • RE: AD8333 - AD8332 interfacing

    Can you please elaborate on unusability of AD8883 negative outputs?

    I have not found not a single mention about this in whole datasheet and related documentation. In case that output current mirrors are disabled by connecting VNEG to ground and output…

  • AD8332 Amplifier, Is noise modeled?


    I am getting poor results trying to model noise when using the AD8332 in Orcad PSpice.  When looking at input referred noise with a shorted AC coupled input, I am seeing around a 200nV/rtHz noise floor (specs claim as low as .74nV/rtHz).  Can Analog…

  • AD332的输入

    我输入1MHZ 200mv的交流信号到AD8332的输入端 但当给AD8332供电时 在测输入的信号时 发现幅度只有100mv左右,只有原先的一半 为什么