• AD8332-EVALZ Design Files


    I can't find AD8332-EVALZ Design Files (including gerbers) and 3D step model for the board on the web. I would appreciate it if you could provide them.


  • AD8332 VGA

    Dear sir,

    I designed a schematic by using AD8332 for Automatic gain control. In my card i am not able to achieve the gain of 0 do 48 dB by this IC. Instead i am getting 5 dB overall loss.

    I have followed the same which is mentioned in evaluation board…

  • RE: Problem with AD8332 output.

    Hi Dibyendu007,thank you for your reply.

    I have tied VCC to SDN pin,and I will go to see if SDN is soldered.



  • AD8332 Chain channels


    Is possible to chain the output of channel 1 to the input of channel 2?

    What are the considerations I have to take into account?


  • AD8332 only 40dB gain in VGA


    I am using AD8332 for low frequency NMR. RF part of my board closely resembles the evaluation board for AD8333. The difference is that i use onboard signal splitter for LNA from minicircuits SCP-2-1-6+, and connect LNA to VGA. Post-detection amplification…

  • RE: DC coupling the AD8332

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  • RE: Can I turn off one channel of the AD8332 to save power?

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  • AD605&AD8332 overshoot

    Hi.Our team is developing new products on ultrasonic testing. We chose AD605 as the receiver VGA chip. However, we met a problem as the picture shows: Ultrasonic pulse would make the receiver overshoot although we have designer protection circuit before…

  • AD8332两路是否可以串联使用