• ad8331 + ad8331 + adl5511

    Hi all

    for a project I need to be able to amplify some signals in order to drive an ADC. I experience some problems/strange behaviour but perhaps I'm making some wrong decisions.


    My signals are three times amplitude modulated signals of max…

  • AD8331 θjc


    θjc of AD8331ARQZ-R7(20-Lead QSOP) is available ?

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  • AD8331 sonar application


    I'm currently upgrading a sonar project, where the receive signal would be amplified by the AD8331 followed by the AD605 (we were using an on chip A/D so lost sacrificed a lot of signal information). We're now upgrading and moving towards using an…

  • Limiting the bandwidth of AD8331 on the evaluation board

    I have an application where I am detecting weak signals (hundreds on nano volts to a few micro volts) with bandwidth 0.1 - 5MHz. The signals come from a sensor which has an impedance from 4 kOhms at 0.1MHz, reducing to 600 Ohms at 5MHz. I am using an AD8331…

  • Cascading AD8331

    I need to cascade two amplifier AD8331. Second amplifier should be connected without LNA. Can i connect it this way?

  • AD8331 Input Frequency Range

    Hi All,

    We want to use the AD8331 in our new project as  AGC Amplifier at ADC input stage.

    In this project, the input frequency range is 20KHz to 500KHz.

    Datasheet contains the plots showing only from 100KHz.

    Ad8331 can support the 20KHz input?.

  • AD8331 Active Impedance Matching

    Hi all,

    Following is the datasheet @ AD8331, 

    "CSH and the ferrite bead enhance stability at higher frequencies, where the loop gain is diminished, and prevent peaking."

    We know to use the ferrite beard in the power or digital line circuits…

  • AD8331 Stability Issue


    I designed a piezo amplifier with the AD8331 as LNA and PGA. The piezo element is very close to the amplifier, so instead of impedance matching I try to keep the input impedance as high as possible to avoid voltage drop. (Piezo Impedance is approx…

  • Ad8331 harmonic distortion problem

    Why is there a lot of harmonic distortion on the board designed according to the specified parameters?

    When the input signal is small, it will not be, but as long as the input signal is increased by 100mv or more, there will be a large amount of harmonic…

  • AD8331 - bypass RCLMP when open?

    The AD8331 datasheet shows examples with the RCLMP resistor present and the RCLMP pin bypassed with a capacitor. If I am leaving RCLMP open (i.e. no resistor present) do I still need the bypass capacitor?

    Thanks in advance.