• ad8331 + ad8331 + adl5511

    Hi all

    for a project I need to be able to amplify some signals in order to drive an ADC. I experience some problems/strange behaviour but perhaps I'm making some wrong decisions.


    My signals are three times amplitude modulated signals of max…

  • RE: Jitter problems after signal amplification

    We use AD8336 because the input signal is positive and negative 5V, if AD8331 is not used, the input signal to be processed, in order to enter the AD8331?

  • RE: AD8331 θjc

    Hi Makio,

    AD8331 Theta Jc : 33.61 C/W.


  • RE: dsp选型问题?


  • AD8331 Input Frequency Range

    Hi All,

    We want to use the AD8331 in our new project as  AGC Amplifier at ADC input stage.

    In this project, the input frequency range is 20KHz to 500KHz.

    Datasheet contains the plots showing only from 100KHz.

    Ad8331 can support the 20KHz input?.

  • Question about VCM function of AD8331


    This is Dominic Ying.

    I'm trying to use the spice model downloaded from ADI website to simulate the VCM function of AD8331. But when I applied the suggested circuit to set the common mode voltage to 2.0 V, but the common mode voltage of AD8331 output…

  • Cascading AD8331

    I need to cascade two amplifier AD8331. Second amplifier should be connected without LNA. Can i connect it this way?

  • RE: BXL文件怎么转换在cadence下打开???急急急


    1. Cadence的这个转换时是有问题的,可以先转成其他的格式,再转换到cadence。

    2. AD8331产品主页还提供评估板手册,可以参考评估板原理图设计自己的电路板:http://www.analog.com/en/specialty-amplifiers/differential-amplifiers/ad8331/products/EVAL-AD8331/eb.html#DOCUMENTATION

    3. AD8331是差分输出,要实现单端的话,后面要转换一下…

  • RE: AD8331 Absolute maximum rate

    Hi Terumasa,

    I already contacted the experts for AD8331 and will get back to you as soon as I have the information.

  • RE: LNA for Ultrasound front end

    Hi Veerasamy,

    Please see AD8331/2/4. It is a VGA with an integrated LNA and programmable input impedance.