• AD8330 VGA

    I'm using the AD8330 VGA. My problem is I have a signal going into the VGA, but there is zero signal coming out of it. I guess my question is, what could be somethings that I should check that I might have done wrong?
    Thank you

  • AD8330: Signal Source

    ad8330 datasheet rev.c

    decibel gain control - absolute gain error :
        is the signal source impedance versus the input impedance related to stated
        as the texts are not clear.


    The stated value is not related to the Signal…
  • AD8330使用



  • AD8330 VGA


    I'm using AD8330 VGA with the LM7171 op-amp. The op-amp is setup as a differential amplifier configuration. Below is a picture of the circuit:


    I'm driving the VGA in a single sided configuration and not differential. In the datasheet of…

  • Bipolar supply destroys AD8330 ?

    Is it possible to supply the AD8330 with a bipolar supply of +/- 5V ?
    In the first paragraph of the AD8330 VGA data sheet on page 19 is a notice
    concerning the optional use of a negative supply. But I am not able to find the
  • AD8330 Integration with LTSpice


    For the VGA AD8330 there is also a PSpice model.

    When integrating with LTSpice, the simulation fails because of an error on the VGA output.

    Could you please let me know if this issue is known and what is the work around?

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  • AD8330 step response


    I'm using an AD8330 to amplify small signals (pk-pk of some tens of mV) and I need a very clean step response. The analog chain is built with a 5 V/V preamplifier with a differential output, an AD8330, and a 125 MSPS ADC (an ADS6125 if that…

  • AD8330 Input Tolerance


    What is the rated differential input voltage of AD8330 operating from 3V3 rail?



  • AD8330 with AD8131

    Hi everyone. Sorry for my english. Please try understand me:) I have a problem with AD8330.
    I'm designing a DIY digital oscilloscope. I want to use a typical double j-fet circuit in input.
    The j-fet are powered by +/-5V. Next AD8131 (+/-5V) are driving…

  • AD8330 LTspice Model


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer tries to evaluate AD8330  which is downloaded LTspice model from ADI Web site. But the model can’t be run by error. Does the model work with LTspice? The error messages are as follows.