• AD8321: supply voltage

    We have an +5V/-5V symmetrical supply available. It is therefore possible to
    derive +4V from the +5V line. Since the AD8321 requires 9V the following
    question arises: Is it possible to connect pins 4,11,12,13,15,16 to -5V and
    pins 7,8,9…
  • About AD8321

    what's  the GBP of AD8321, which is shown in the  datasheet, and if multi-chips connect in series, how to  carry out  impedance matching.

    if the input signal rang from 1-100Mhz(less than 2mV), how much is the  amplification factor

  • 请问AD8321的增益带宽积是多少,以及怎么在多片AD8321级联使用时做到阻抗匹配?


  • AD8321单端输入问题


  • RE: ADC and VGA recommendations for impedance Analyzer

    Hi Nitin,

    Can you tell me what range of signal amplitudes that the VGA input will see? What do you need for dynamic range. Do you need more than one channel? If your bandwidth is limited to 20MHz, I don't think you need an RF VGA like 5330 or IF VGA…