• AD8319


    If the Vout of the AD8319 is run open loop will the device act as a comparator and give essentially a digital output? If the input power is lower than Vset, Vout is high and if the input power is higher than Vset, Vout is low. Can you confirm that…

  • AD8319

    Dear sirs,

    i need to measure FWD power to make an ALC controlling circuit for an amplifier but i need a good temperature stability. I considered the AD8312 which has a good temperature drift for signal from -35dBm up to -15dBm. The problem is the case…

  • AD8319: frequency range

    For the design requirement of our project, the AD8319 needs to work in high
    frequency band, such as 10GHz and 12GHz. From its datasheet, AD8319 can afford
    the frequency of 10GHz use. I am not sure whether AD8319 could work in the
  • Pintercept change for AD8319


    I want to change the Pintercept of AD8319. From the datasheet it says that I can use the formula

    PINTERCEPT(dBm) = PINTERCEPT(dBV) − 10 × log10(Z0 × 1 mW/1 Vrms2 ) to get the new intercept.

    Does it mean that I can just substitute my new Zo and…

  • AD8319 s-param

    Dear sirs,

    can anybody provide s1p file for the AD8319 or AD8317 RF detectors?

  • AD8319 Constant Output Voltage


    I use AD8319 in the receiver to detect if a RF signal at 500 MHz, that I send from the transmitter, is present .
    The band pass filter in the receiver board is centered on 500 MHz with 15 MHz band.
    When the antenna is not connected I observe 1.6 Volts…

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           我们自身产品分别工作在1-30M 及 30-2700MHz两个频段,问下Tadj引脚上分别应接多大电阻比较合适.另,CLPF引脚的电容值应该选多大的?


  • AD8319 - Can inputs be driven differentially?

    AD8319 - Can inputs be driven differentially with INHI and INLO by means of a 100 ohm differential source?

  • ADL5519, AD8319 & HMC713 power detectors


    I would like to verify that these 3 power detectors can perform this task:

    Tracking RF power changes of ~1-2dB with a changing rate of ~2KHz?



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