• RE: AD8318 input signal noise filtering

    Whatever the output noise spectral density is of the stage that is driving the AD8318, the AD8318 will see all of that noise across the whole band, and will respond accordingly.  If that noise is bigger than the AD8318's own internal noise, then you will…

  • RE: IQ based AGC using ADRF6518

    You can use the AD8318 in controller mode to set the VGN2 and VNG3 gain control pins on the ADRF6518 (you will have to short VGN2 to VGN3).  Your setup will be very similar to the picture below: tap off of the ADRF6518 output, setting the VSET voltage…

  • At which tool AD8318 will be simulated?

    At which tool AD8318 will be simulated?

  • RE: s1p file for the log amplifier AD8318?

    AD8318 S11 attached.

  • RE: Log Amp Recommendation?

    Unfortunately, there is no spice model available for the AD8318.

  • AD8318 overshoot problem


    I am using AD8318 to get the envelope of a pulse modulated signal. The PW is 2 usec and PRI is 4 usec. As you can see on the attached output waveform of AD8318, there is an overshoot problem. What would you suggest to overcome the overshoot and ringing…

  • RE: Broadband performance of transmit control loop using ADL5330 and AD8318

    You want to keep the RF that is being fed back so that it is in the linear range of the AD8318. ( -55 dBm to -5 dBm) The attenuation should be set so that when the ADL5330 is at its maximum output power, the signal being fed to the AD8318 is at -5 dBm…

  • ADL5519 and AD8318

    Dear all, I need to design a 4.4-5.GHz power detector for direct and reflected power ( so i need 2 power detector) with a dynamic range of 55dB a temperature range of -35 to 90°C and i have just 150mA to bias them. I selected the ADL5519 and AD8318, but…

  • ADC for AD8318

    Hi All,

    I posted a similar question in the past, but I had to put this project down for a while and now I'm back on it.  The spec has changed slightly and now I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions.


    So can anyone suggest their favorite

  • RE: AD8318 Strange Analog Output

    Hello Jacob,

    Sorry about the late response; we had some IT problems at this end.

    1) Make sure the AD8318 has stable +5V power. It should work OK with either separate +5V supply, or connected to the Arduino +5V supply. Measure the voltage to confirm.