• AD8317 s-parameters


    I can't find AD8317 s-parameters on the web. How could I get it?


  • ad8317 related


    I'm now using AD8317.

    And in the datesheet, two parameters confuse me. One is "Small Signal Bandwidth" and the other is "Video Bandwidth (or Envelope Bandwidth".

    My doubt is, what's the meaning of "Small Signal Bandwidth…

  • AD8317 Tadj pin function

    Trying to understand if the TADJ pin is used to disable the AD8317 (put in a low power state), the specs on page 4 seem to suggest this but there is no detail in the rest of the datasheet?

  • AD8317 Evaluation Board


    In my application I got a a Burst output (in range 20 mVpp to 150 mVpp) with frequency around 6 MHz from my sensor. There are 2 Burst waves per cycle and 1 ms delay between the next cycle. I have attached the image of that. Previously I tried to…

  • AD8317 Evaluation board gerber files


    I would like to work with the AD8317. The Datasheet contains the BOM, the schematics and 2 images of the board. But it does not contains the different Layers, and also the board material needed, and thickness.

    So, I've got the Gerber Files from…

  • AD8317 operation at 10GHz & impedance matching


    I am interested in using the AD8317 log amplifier at 10GHz.  The AD8317 is specified for operation up to 8GHz, but can be used up to 10GHz with a reduced dynamic range.

    The datasheet (page 15) states that implementing an impedance match for frequencies…

  • AD8317 output voltage dispersion at high frequencies

    In the datasheet of the AD8317, the min and max values of the output voltage for input power of -10 and -40dBm are given for 900MHz, but not for higher frequencies.

    I would like some distribution information of the output voltage for Pin= -10 and +40dBm…

  • AD8317 in a differential input configuration


    The AD8317 log detector has a fully differential design, but the datasheet only describes a single ended input configuration. I would like to have a differential input configuration (a balun at the AD8317 input) to increase the dynamic range. I'll…



    I'm trying to use AD8317 as controller mode.

    I want set VSET pin target voltage using DAC but VSET pin is output voltage around 1V.

    That voltage makes my target voltage different with DAC output.

    There is no connection between VSET is not…

  • AD8317 output ripple suppression without increasing CFLT ?

    Hi There:

    We used AD8317 in our AGC loop at frequency 2GHz , and we found that CFLT must increas to 1nF to filter output ripple. However, it causes that the fall/rise time of AD8317 is too long to reach the steady state. Therefore, We want to find another…