• RE: Getting Starting with AD8302

    The attached application note  (Operating RF Detectors at Low Frequency) should answer your questions.

  • 总有一款适合您——最新《RF和微波IC选型指南》PDF免费下载ing

    天线到数字以及数字到天线……ADI凭借领先的射频技术能力、系统知识与工艺技术,提供直流到90 GHz以上、涵盖整个RF信号链最丰富多样的RF IC组合。


    面对上千款的RF IC产品,如何选出最适合自己应用的哪一款呢?ADIRF和微波IC》最新选型指南来帮您。(附件)



  • RE: AD8302 - Can it run sub Hz? How to configure?

    AN-691 addresses low frequency operation of AD8302 and some other detectors.

  • RE: Query

    This part is EAR99. The attached RFIC selection guide lists the ECCN codes for all of ADI's RF products.


  • RE: 36GHz RF oscillation signal source

    You need a PLL which drives a frequency doubler which drives an amplifier. Possible choices might be ADF4371 (PLL),  HMC1105 (frequency doubler) and HMC7229 (amplifier). These are not the only choices.