• AD8314: Temperature compensating the AD8314

    Hello, for our exact measurements I need to know the detailed
    temperature drift of the detector AD8314 at 2.5GHz (in our application
    2.3GHz). Can you send me the V_UP vs. Input Amplitude for T=-30
    to  85 centigrade (as shown in Figure6 of…
  • AD8314 - Supply voltage variation

    Hi all,

    I want to use the AD8314 with 5V instead of the nominal 3V that the datasheet uses for the graphs.

    My question is if there is some variation in the output voltage or minimal error zone if I supply the IC with 5V

    Thanks in advance


  • AD8314 SLOPE difference

    Could you give me a advice?

    the measurement and equation is not match

    Pleas give me a advice?

  • AD8314's bandgap reference


    I think the bandgap reference voltage typ is 1.125V. Can you tell me the minimum and maximum values?

    I would like to know the effect on the V_DN error when calculating with V_UP and the bandgap reference voltage.

    Best Regards,

  • AD8314 at frequencies below 100Mhz


    in AN-691 the AD8314 is precluded from use in low frequencies because of a series capacitor at the input.

    Is this true for all frequencies below 100Mhz or is there a way to operate it at 15-65 Mhz?


  • Level Control Loop with AD8314 RF Log Detector

    I am designing an RF level controller with the AD8314 Logarithmic RF Detector, using it's non-inverted output (V_UP, pin 6).

    According to the datasheet, the loop filtering capacitor Cf should be placed between pin 4 (FLTR) and pin 6 (V_UP).


  • Recommendation for interfacing an antenna with the AD8314 Eval board


    I have a yagi antenna and I want to evaluate the radiation pattern by connecting the antenna to the AD8314 eval board and monitoring the signal strength on an oscilloscope.  The antenna characteristics are:

    Frequency Range: 2400-2500 GHz


  • Can somebody provide me the S-parameter file of AD8314?


    Can somebody provide me the S-parameter file for the input impedance of AD8314? The S-para files available in the AD forum is at 5V bias. I want it on 3.3V bias. Or somebody can just provide me the input impedance of 8314 at 150MHz and 3.3V.


  • AD8314, V_UP - FILT, how to be choice of CF and series resistor ?

    Hi all,

    In the datasheet page 13, following is comment.

    The video bandwidth is related to CF by

    Video Bandwidth = 1 / 2 π × 13 kΩ × ( 3.5 pF + CF )

    In the datasheet page 14, following is additional comment.

    In practice, an improvement in loop dynamics…