• RE: LT5537 Vout starts at 0.9 V

    Hi Michael,

    Sorry about the delayed response. 

    You're correct, LT5537 Vout with no input should be around 0.4V, but there is no min or max spec, so there could be a relatively wide variation from part to part. 

    I'd suggest using one of the external…

  • AD8314: Temperature compensating the AD8314

    Hello, for our exact measurements I need to know the detailed
    temperature drift of the detector AD8314 at 2.5GHz (in our application
    2.3GHz). Can you send me the V_UP vs. Input Amplitude for T=-30
    to  85 centigrade (as shown in Figure6 of…
  • RE: AD8318 output measurement problem

    See the typical application circuit on the page 12 in the datasheet of AD8313. And compare it with your EVB. E.g. the pins 6 and 7 are connected together there. 

  • Is logarithmic RF detector ADL5513 a fully differential design ?


    I have a question regarding the logarithmic RF detector ADL5513. In the datasheet
    (www.analog.com/.../ADL5513.pdf) on page 13 is written that it is a fully
    differential design but on page 14 under section INPUT SIGNAL COUPLING is written : “The RF…
  • RE: ADL5513

    Oops - I meant compared to the AD8313 (100-2500MHz). Yes, I see that the

    input stage of the 8313 and 5513 is different wrt feedback, but what

    surprised me was that the AD8313 in the same circuit is well modeled by

    a 900Ohm || 1,5pF || 100pF shunt capacitor…

  • FAQ: Calculating the Resistor Values to Alter the Slope of a RF Log Amp or RMS Detector


    I want to increase the slope of the AD8319 log amp. Is there a formula to cacluate the  resistor values needed?



    The required resistor…

  • FAQ: Long Term Drift of RF Detectors


    Do you have any data on the long-term drift of RF Detectors?



    The work that we have done suggests that the drift of RF Detectors over time…

  • RF Detector Flatness vs. Frequency

    Question: How can I figure out the output flatness vs. frequency of an RF Detector such as the AD8363


    Using the Slope and Intercept specs it is possible to get a sense for and RF Detector's  flatness vs frequency. Let’s take the example of…

  • RE: Recommendation for interfacing an antenna with the AD8314 Eval board

    Hi Wilburn,

    Yes, your idea with the AD8314's evalboard should work well. Some comments:
    1. The input of the evalboard is 50Ohm but broadband. You should be sure that there are no other strong signals (from other directions and at close frequencies…

  • FAQ: How can I avoid startup transients when operating the AD8318 in Controller Mode?


    How can I avoid startup transients when operating the AD8318 in Controller Mode?  I am using the AD8318 Log Detector/Controller to control  the output level in an AGC loop.  The control loop consists of a fixed-gain  RF amplifier, an ADL5330 VGA, and