• RE: AD8313 S-Parameters for ADS simulation

    Sorry! SaifBarca. 

    The Spice model or S-Parameters for the AD8313 is not available at this time. 

    Thank you for asking.

  • thermal resistanance for AD8313 and ADM1184

    What are the thermal resistance = theta jc and theta jb for ad8313 and adm1184 armz?

  • Temperature Coefficient of the AD8313

    Using the AD8313, datasheet temperature coefficient is 'typical' 0.022dB/C.

    In my circuit (measured with an opamp that follows and subtracts the offset and x6) I get an temperature coefficient of about 0,01dB/C (roughtly half the datasheet value…

  • RE: Hi  I am using an AD8313 for RF power detection but the Vout DC voltage has 200-500 mV noise on DC Voltage.Is it normal for this device??if not,what are the reasons?? RF input has connected to ground but this noise exists!!

    This is normal behavior.  The output noise is the biggest when the input signals levels are the smallest (noise).  You can see this trend on Figure 15 in the AD8313 datasheet.

  • RE: AD8313 evaluation board

    1. AD8009 is on the output of the device. AD8313 provides an output voltage (dc if the input level is fixed) that is proportional to the size of the input signal. So AD8009 is not seeing a 2.5 GHz signal.

    2. According to the schematic, the switch should…

  • regarding ad8313 log detector


        I am using AD8313 in a log (RSSI) mode for detecting RF signal of mobile phones in a mobile prohibited zone, initially when there is no calling from the phone it gives output voltage of 0.6v or lesser than that, now when call is made it hardly changes…

  • RE: AD8313检波输出2ms的周期信号?

    在无信号输入的情况下, 在AD8313的输出端直接测试的。

  • RE: ADL5513

    Oops - I meant compared to the AD8313 (100-2500MHz). Yes, I see that the

    input stage of the 8313 and 5513 is different wrt feedback, but what

    surprised me was that the AD8313 in the same circuit is well modeled by

    a 900Ohm || 1,5pF || 100pF shunt capacitor…

  • AD8313 to be a detector,the vout's waveform is not stable

    when detecting a frame of data ,the vout's waveform in Oscilloscope is shown below

    we can see the waveform's amplitude is not stable ,the start of the frame and the end of the frame ,whose amptitude are diffirent ,please tell me the reason ,how…