• DC-Coupled AD8310


    I want to use the AD8310 with a DC-coupled  input. I am using the setup from the datasheet in Figure 38 (page 19)  reproduced here:

    However, I have an extremely poor dynamic range. The   dynamic range of this circuit is advertised through Figure…

  • AD8310 Evaluation Board


    I have a question about the evaluation board of the AD8310. The output of the AD8310 is a DC voltage proportional to the input RF signal's power. If the output is a DC voltage, why is the VOUT connector an SMA connector? What are the benefits…

  • AD8310 optical input power

    Some times ago we have discussed about an application for measuring the optical
    input power with the AD8307AR. I have got some samples and I
    have built a circuitry which is attached at the end of this document. Could 
    you or an responsible…
  • Question for AD8310

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    When the input signal is OFF(-91dBV=around 32uV), what is the output signal tolerance?

    Your datasheet show typ.0.4V.

    So what is the max and min value?

    Our customer is verifying AD8310 for the tolerance output voltage on his product…

  • AD8310 offset problem

    Hi every body!!

    I'm trying to use the AD8310 logarithmic amplifier to detect very low RF signals.

    Here are some screenshot from the results I'm getting out of my setup.

    The first screenshot (profile1) shows a normal response to a sinewave burst…

  • DC-Coupled AD8310 Output


    I have the AD8310 setup in the DC-coupling configuration as shown in Figure 38, with the corresponding transfer function in Figure 39, both reproduced below:



  • ad8310: Level shifting the output

    I have the same circuit like the AD8310 evaluation board. I need 150mV at the
    pin 4 (out) max when I close the RF In. I got 0.4V when I close the RF In. 

    Can you please send to me solution/application for offset? 

    I tried to…
  • MSL Rating of AD8310?

    What is MSL Rating of AD8310?

    We can not find it in the datasheet.

  • AD8310的问题


  • AD8310 as photodiode log amplifier

    we are planning to design a photo diode log amplifier using the AD8310 since our system needs to perform in the frequency range of 1 MHz to 100 MHz and we need to detect the optical signal in the range of -50 dBm power.

    our requirements are as follows…