• RE: AD8310 as photodiode log amplifier

    I think the AD8310 will suit your application as long as you get the biasing of the photodiode correct with those op-amps and the envelope bandwidth of the signal is less than 25 MHz.  Note the AD8310 is good to 440 MHz, but that is referring to a CW signal…

  • Question for AD8310

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    When the input signal is OFF(-91dBV=around 32uV), what is the output signal tolerance?

    Your datasheet show typ.0.4V.

    So what is the max and min value?

    Our customer is verifying AD8310 for the tolerance output voltage on his product…

  • RE: ESD sensitivity request_HMC433E/HMC451LP3E/AD8310

    The AD8310 passed the HBM 1500V; ESD class 1 rating.

  • RE: Power detection for Baseband I/Q signal

    Did you mean to say "single-ended input". None of our detectors have a single-ended output. I think that AD8310 could meet your needs. I assume that you are looking to measure the signal strength of a digital baseband modulation such as QAM16. If energy…

  • RE: AD8310 offset problem

    Hi Amara,

    Are you using the Analog Devices evaluation board?  And are you AC or DC coupling the inputs of the AD8310?



  • RE: 关于AD8310使用的问题


  • HMC451 and AD8310_MSL Rating

    We want to konw MSL rating of HMC541 and AD8310.

    We can't find out that in the datasheets.


    Best regards,


  • Problem of spice model of AD8310

    Hi all,

        There are eight pins  of AD8310,but only seven node assignments,com pin is not included,can you explain why?

  • RE: ADL5513

    The DC offset compensation (correction) loop is done a little differently between the parts.  With the AD8310 the correction signal is injected between the first and second gain stages (see Figure 25 in the AD8310 datasheet).  With the ADL5513 the correction…

  • RE: Antilog(exponential) amplifier

    The AD8310 is populated in an existing board. I would like to create a daughter-board which converts the output to linear. I would be able to swap out the AD8310, but it appears all the linear in volts detectors have different footprints.

    I will most…