• RE: adl5904

    I would recommend the AD8310 instead of the AD8307.

    Both the AD8310 and the ADL5513 slopes can be changed with appropriate external resistors.  Please see page 17 in the AD8310 datasheet and page 19 in the ADL5513 datasheet.

  • About the Output of AD8310


    Recently  I designed an eva board of  AD8310, I find when left the input of AD8310 floating,the output is sawtooth wave about 400mVpp .But if there are high frequency signal on the input port,the output noise is about 20mVpp and no sawtooth wave .I…

  • In the spice model of the AD8310, the input impedance is very low, less than 1 ohm. Not on the real chip and the specs. Is there a reason ?

    I use the AD8310 like in the specs page 14, fig 27 as a wide band detector. I use Multim to simulate the whole circuit, with an input wide band filter in front of the detector AD8310. Thereal  circuit works perfectly, but the simulation is wrong, because…

  • RE: About AD8310 PIN

    Hi jdobler,

    Vout on 4 PIN always is  about 4V and the current become lager than normal.PIN 5 and PIN6 short circuit.

    The AD8310 application circuits as below:

    The customer wish get help as below:

    ADI can help confirm whether excess material on the…

  • RE: AD9642 Input Offset versus Correction Range

    Hi Robert,

    The AD8310 has a single ended output and would not directly interface to the AD9642.  Do you have another driver amplifier to convert from single ended to differential between the AD8310 and the AD9642?



  • RE: ADL5519  SPCIE simulation module wanted

    Unfortunately, there is no SPICE model for the ADL5519, but we do have one for the AD8310, which is found on its webpage (link below).  Might this be suitable for your simulation needs?

    AD8310 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices 

  • RE: ad8307 dc offset and oscillation on output

    Hi Ray,

    It looks like we recommend the AD8310 as a replacement part for the AD8307.  We know longer make eval boards for the AD8307.

    Stability is probably better with the AD8310 as well.

    Hope this helps,


  • RE: MSL Rating of AD8310?

    AD8310 is rated to an MSL 1.

  • RE: AD8307: Mixed mode S Parameter

    Thank you for answerer. I had a look to the AD8310 datasheet and after all I made a quick simulation in ADS to see how the inputs looks like for both AD8307 and AD8310. The S Parameters was taken from the Analog Devices web page. In both cases I made…

  • RE: DC-Coupled AD8310

    What is the ad8310 driving? It sometimes has trouble driving sizable capacitive loads like a long coax cable and will oscillate.


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