• AD8310 optical input power

    Some times ago we have discussed about an application for measuring the optical
    input power with the AD8307AR. I have got some samples and I
    have built a circuitry which is attached at the end of this document. Could 
    you or an responsible application…

  • ad8310: Level shifting the output

    I have the same circuit like the AD8310 evaluation board. I need 150mV at the
    pin 4 (out) max when I close the RF In. I got 0.4V when I close the RF In. 

    Can you please send to me solution/application for offset? 

    I tried to…
  • AD8310

    Hi all,

    I want to detect the signal with the lowest frequency of 0.1Hz. May I ask which detector I should choose?Is AD8310 ok?

    Best regards

  • AD8310 - Output Filtering - No Input Scenario

    I have been trying to work with the AD8310 to reduce output ripple when in a steady state. It is causing my output comparator to trigger randomly. Before I make significant changes to my output comparator I was hoping to see if I can better setup the…

  • AD8310;low frequency input


    In the low frequency application of AD8310, the data table says that a simple RC network should be added at the input end to form a low pass filter. I have the following two questions:

    1. What is the low frequency here?

    2. How to add the RC network…

  • AD8310;AD8338;gain control


    I used AD8310 as a detector, and converted the detected voltage to the desired voltage range through the invert phase scale converter circuit. However, when I connected the output of the detector to the invert phase scale converter circuit, undesirable…

  • AD8310 Evaluation Board behavior

    Hi all,

    I am using the AD8310 Eval board with no changes (as yet).

    Basic testing used input of sine wave with frequencies 5, 50 and 100 MHz and amplitude ranging from 1mV to 1V p-p.

    Driving AD8310 single-ended.

    Measuring output with DVM and linearity…

  • AD8310 DC-coupled input slope

    Hi everyone,

    I want to use AD8310 for measuring very low amplitude DC voltage in high dynamic range. I connected AD8310 to differential output of ADL5391. With potentiometer connected to OFLT pin of AD8310 I trimmed input ofset for gaining maximum dynimic…

  • AD8310 as gain detector like AD8302

    Hi (Bruce?),

    As I was previously working with an AD8302 gain/phase detector for a Scalar Network Analyzer, which for me has a redundant phase detection so I spent some time looking at other log amps for my V2.0 PCB. I came across the AD8307 and newer…