• AD8310

    Hi all,

    I want to detect the signal with the lowest frequency of 0.1Hz. May I ask which detector I should choose?Is AD8310 ok?

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  • AD8310 Oscillation

    Hello Everyone,

    I am going to use an AD8310 for measuring the RF power to my system. The RF is pulsed with a duty cycle of 1:10 or even lower. When an RF signal is at the input of the AD8310 there is no problem and the output voltage is as expected. But…

  • AD8310

    Dear sirs,

    i  need to measure forward power and i'd like to usse a directional bridge the way is described in Analog Dialogue 52-05 may 2018 (An integrated bridge with dual RMS detectors for RF power and return loss measurement). I designed a resistor…

  • About AD8310 PIN

    Hi, recently our customer testing AD8310.Through X light, we can find that there is a surplus near the pin.Is the chip‘s pin status is good?What’s the AD8310 PIN Componet?Thanks.

  • AD8310 Settling Time

    Hello. I am using the AD8310 to measure signals from 10kHz to 1MHz. The signals I am measuring are CML (about 600mV peak-to-peak). When the stimulus is applied to the AD8310 the output overshoots and takes an extremely long time to settle. My schematic…

  • AD8310 Noise Floor


    Concerning with the post "Question for AD8310 ",
    does the intercept deviation link to the noise floor in the variability between devices?
    For example, the intercept increases then the noise floor decreases and
    the intercept decreases then…

  • AD8310 Loading


    Does the AD8310 have to be loaded to work correctly?  It seems to indicate in the datasheet that it does but the schematic for Eval board in the datasheet shows the load resistance and load capacitance as normally open.  My current design has a zero…

  • DC-Coupled AD8310


    I want to use the AD8310 with a DC-coupled  input. I am using the setup from the datasheet in Figure 38 (page 19)  reproduced here:

    However, I have an extremely poor dynamic range. The   dynamic range of this circuit is advertised through Figure…

  • AD8310;low frequency input


    In the low frequency application of AD8310, the data table says that a simple RC network should be added at the input end to form a low pass filter. I have the following two questions:

    1. What is the low frequency here?

    2. How to add the RC network…