• AD831: How don't supply the power to internal amp.

    I'm going to use this mixer w/o internal amp. Is there any way don't supply the power to internal amp. (to reduce the quiescent current)? What is the difference between pin no. 1 and 12 ? Are these pins supply different internal circuits?

    Br, …

  • AD831前的高通滤波网络做什么用?


  • AD831射频输入端的 阻抗匹配问题

    请问 C1  C2  L1  Rr   Cc  这些元器件 是怎么设计参数的呢 ?

  • 有关AD831的问题,忘ADI工程师赐教




  • ad831 最低的工作频率LO,RF,IF是多少?能否本振100Hz?RF:20-200MHz


  • 想问一下像AD831,ADL5391这种高频率的芯片没有仿真软件可以验证吗,并且他们的S参数文件又该以什么软件打开查看呢


  • RE: MCU controlled wideband local oscillator

    thanks for that.

    is there source code for the sweep function? i want to program it into the mcu.

    and may i just ask you something about the ad831... since my separate post on it isn't getting any response:

    the RF input network shown on figure…

  • How to determine your local oscillator

    Hello there,

    I am using the frequency mixer AD831 for my graduation project, where I am building a receiver. I've just been stuck on one part for the last 2 weeks, namely the Local Oscillator for this particular mixer. My signal is at 150MHz, and i would…

  • Broadband demodulation


    I currently use the AD8333 demodulator, which goes up to 50MHz but I would need to demodulate signals ranging from 10-20MHz up to 100MHz or even 150MHz.

    Do you have a device that I can use for that purpose or could I use a combination of several…

  • Recommended down convert mixer for low RF frequency input, from RF 400kHz~100MHz to IF 100kHz ?

    Hi all,

    Our customer will develop the low frequency down converter.

    RF input : 400kHz~100MHz

    IF output : 100kHz


    For example, can AD831 and AD8343 be used for applications in such a low frequency range?
    The input range is from 0Hz.


    For example, can…