• RE: AD831 RF-IF Phase Continuity


    The phase at IF port is determined by both RF and LO. Mostly likely it will not remain the same if RF port phase changes caused by S1 open/close.


  • AD831 - RF voltage input range


    I am an EE student designing my first  specialized receiver, but I came across a problem.

    I do not know what the input voltage range of the incoming RF signal is for the AD831. And what would the IF output voltage be with those inputs, considering…

  • AD831 OUT Pin AC-coupled

    Can anyone tell me what is RT and CC for as shown in Figure. 10 of AD831 datasheet? I read it said output pin must be "ac-coupled to the load", so is this a high-pass filter network?

    Besides, I am inputting 50kHz signal monotone into LO, should…

  • connecting ad831 in parallel

     Hello every one,

    I am software guy. Some how trying to use ad831 as a mixer connecting in parallel as seen on attached  file. +5V and -5V  are supplied to both of the mixers from the same source. The problem I faced is here. While measuring the supplied 

  • FAQ: Maximum Junction Temperature of AD831


    What is the maximum junction temperature of AD831? This information is not in the datasheet.



    The maximum junction temperature for AD831…

  • An issue about AD831

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wonder the  value for C1  C2  L1  Rr   Cc for below schematic, and how to calculate them.  Do you have any principle for the calculation.


  • ad831混频器问题

    雷达测距项目,使用ad9851 混频 ,主振30M 本振29.99M ,混频出10-100K的信号,使用过程中发现芯片很烫,温度大约50度,是否正常。

  • IF output offset voltage drift of AD831

    I am considering AD831 as a synchronous detector (RF and LO at the same frequency). What is the expected IF output offset voltage drift? Specifications reports only typical value as 15 mA (min -40 mA / max +40 mA).



  • AD831 as an Image Reject Mixer


    I am thinking of using the AD831 in an Image Reject Mixer application.

    Is there an application circuit available from ADI that I can use to achieve this please.

    The Mixer is to be used to convert an RFin of 156MHz - 162MHz to an IF of 30MHz.


  • AD831: How can I calculate Temperature vs. Gain?

    AD831 is used in Login Amplifier configuration