• RE: AD831 vs AD8342 vs LTC5562 conversion phase


    You could try wider band on AD831 but we didn't characterize the part for wider band so could not guarantee the performance. 

    You could try to increase the LO power see if it could improve the phase gap but I believe this is a more intrinsic spec…

  • AD831 down mixing into Audio range


    I currently use a CN PCB with 9V supply and would like to use 2 closed freq. mixed into audio range.

    1. Freq. 10Mhz

    2. Freq. 10Mhz + 100...50kHz

    Currently added the filter caps as 10nF (may change later lower for may 200kHz).

    The questions are now…

  • AD831

    The LO port isolation degree of AD831 is only 15dB, and this value will not change with the amplitude and frequency of LO port signal, which is a constant value.

  • AD831 input network

    I would like to know how to calculate the C1, C2 and L1 values at the input to the AD831 mixer.

    as far as i understand, C1 and L1 form an impedance matching network and C2 is the ac couupling capacitor. is this correct? my problem now is i'm not sure…

  • Questions about AD831

    Hello, I am using the AD831 in my design, WITHOUT using the internal amplifier (using the differential current output) and I have a couple questions.

    1. The internal gain indicated in the datasheet (pi/2) is provided by the gilbert cell or the output…

  • Modelling AD831


    Is there a way to model AD831? Should I download ADIsimRF or ADIsimPLL?


  • AD831 Bias Current

    Hi again,

    I am having some problems adjusting the bias current of the AD831. According to the datasheet a resistor must be connected between the BIAS pin and Vp. And for minimum bias current, connect it directly without resistor.

    The problem is that…

  • AD831 IF mixing


    i would like to use the ad831 for mixing down my voltage signal to fix intermediate frequency of 10 kHz.

    the voltage signal varies in frequency from 10 kHz to 10 MHz.

    So the idea is to mix down my signal with a frequency of f_signal + 10 KHz…

  • AD831 getting hot

    Hello. I have built a test circuit for the AD831 as per the single voltage supply on the data sheet.

    I am feeding the RFin with 7Mhz @ 20mv LO with 3Mhz @ 10mv and a 9V supply.

    The chip seems to get quite hot is this normal?

    Regards - Paul

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