• AD831

    The LO port isolation degree of AD831 is only 15dB, and this value will not change with the amplitude and frequency of LO port signal, which is a constant value.

  • FAQ: Maximum Junction Temperature of AD831


    What is the maximum junction temperature of AD831? This information is not in the datasheet.



    The maximum junction temperature for AD831…

  • AD831: How can I calculate Temperature vs. Gain?

    AD831 is used in Login Amplifier configuration

  • ad831 最低的工作频率LO,RF,IF是多少?能否本振100Hz?RF:20-200MHz


  • Modelling AD831


    Is there a way to model AD831? Should I download ADIsimRF or ADIsimPLL?


  • RE: connecting ad831 in parallel


    Did you ground all three chips to same GND? What's the voltage you measured at the power supply? What is the current compliance for the power supply?


  • AD831 IF mixing


    i would like to use the ad831 for mixing down my voltage signal to fix intermediate frequency of 10 kHz.

    the voltage signal varies in frequency from 10 kHz to 10 MHz.

    So the idea is to mix down my signal with a frequency of f_signal + 10 KHz…

  • RE: MCU controlled wideband local oscillator

    thanks for that.

    is there source code for the sweep function? i want to program it into the mcu.

    and may i just ask you something about the ad831... since my separate post on it isn't getting any response:

    the RF input network shown on figure…

  • Questions about AD831

    Hello, I am using the AD831 in my design, WITHOUT using the internal amplifier (using the differential current output) and I have a couple questions.

    1. The internal gain indicated in the datasheet (pi/2) is provided by the gilbert cell or the output…

  • AD831使用咨询